Bringing a capable SEO professional on board could turn out to be the best decision you ever make for your business. If the job’s done properly, you could soon be looking at the kind of exposure that generates spectacular traffic.

Of course, this is all dependent on the experience, expertise and general approach adopted by the respective SEO specialist.

Hence, we strongly advise asking a few important questions before hiring an SEO specialist as follows:

1. How does your agency measure success?
No responsible SEO professional would ever make ludicrous claims or make promises they can’t realistically keep. Nevertheless, certain assurances must be made with regard to what they can bring your business. This is why it’s a good idea to ask them directly how they measure success. What kinds of KPIs does the agency place most value and emphasis on? The idea being that you take on an SEO professional that shares your priorities and your own definition of success.

2. How experienced is your team?
Technically speaking, there’s nothing to say that a dynamic new SEO specialist with very limited experience cannot work wonders for your business. But at the same time, long-term experience can be both invaluable and reassuring. In both instances, your prospective SEO professional should be able to give you a full rundown of their experience and successes to date. Rather than simply taking their word at face value, request evidence to verify their claims to fame if available.

3. Can you explain your approach to SEO?
All good SEO agencies take a regimented and formulaic approach to the services they provide. They may create bespoke SEO solutions for each client individually, but should nonetheless have a tried, tested and trusted approach to the services they offer. They should therefore be able to give you a concise yet comprehensive overview of their approach to search engine marketing. Specifically, how they intend to take your business from where it is today to a more successful position.

4. What if we’re dissatisfied?
Likewise, any reputable SEO specialist or SEO agency will be horrified by the prospect of the client being dissatisfied with their services. Hence, they should make it clear from day one that you are in no way contractually obliged to stick with them long-term. Along with introductory trial periods, it should also be possible to pop out of any agreement you enter into at short notice and without facing heavy penalties. If the SEO professional has any confidence in their capabilities whatsoever, this will be offered as standard.

In all areas of digital marketing, it’s impossible to know what you’re getting yourself into until things really hit their stride. This is particularly true when it comes to search engine optimisation, which can take many weeks or months to reach any kind of fruition. Hence, it’s a good idea to seek as many assurances and clarifications as possible, before signing on the dotted line with any SEO specialist.

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