Each day as I sit down to write, I renew my “yes” to writing and to serve love in my writing. To support this choice to have my writing make a positive difference, I make four conscious choices. These allow me to begin my writing in alignment with all I have learned on a path of transformation, spiritual evolution, and healing mind, body and spirit.

They integrate the lessons and gifts I have received in all my life odysseys and from spiritual teachers and now apply to my writing, too.

Here are the four key steps I take to begin each writing day:

1. I let go of all I know about writing.

Of how writing has to look or feel.

Of any and all shoulds. Of what or how or how much and when I should be writing or what I should be doing instead of writing.

Of what I think my life has to look like or include or not include for writing to happen.

Of efforting and struggle to write.

Of how I perceive my writing was in the past and will be in the future.

Of what it takes to be a professional writer today.
Of any attachments and stories I tell myself around writing.

2. I Surrender.

I surrender the novel (or anything else) I am writing into the hands of the divine, the muse, creative source.

I surrender the characters, the subject matter, the scene, the topic, the theme, the plot, each page, paragraph, sentence, word.

I surrender my present image of my writer self and open to new potentials.

I surrender any doubts and fears and emotions around writing.

I surrender all writing successes and failures from the past and projections of writing successes or failures in the future.

I surrender all concepts of what needs to be accomplished and in what time frame.

I surrender how I think I need to write my book, what method I need to use, even where I need to start writing that day.

I surrender all I think I know about the state of the publishing industry and what is required to be published or to self-publish.

I surrender all judgments and opinions of what good writing is and how it needs to happen and forgive myself for all mistaken beliefs and identifications around writing.

I surrender to the call to write this novel and be the vehicle for its manifestation.

3. I Forgive Myself:

For any and all mistaken beliefs or identities around writing.

4. I Stay Present and Trust:

I am grateful that each time I sit down to write is a new beginning.

Emptied, I welcome the spaciousness and the grace available in the present.

I become one with the present.

I rest in the stillness.

I rest in the arms of the divine, the muse, the writing guides and the creative source.

I trust in the silent awareness.

I listen to the spaces between and beyond the mind chatter.
Heart open, I receive and write what emerges from the stillness.

I express gratitude for the words and writing guidance I receive.

Taking these steps drops me into the creative flow, that place from which all art springs, and can do that for you as well.

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