Having old games and consoles could be either space or inefficiency issues especially if you don’t play them anymore. In other hands, you can actually trade them in for cash so you can save them up or increase your budget to get new game and consoles. There are at least four major ways to sell your games and console for cash including going offline, going online, consignment, and online trade-in. You can use these methods at your own discretion.

Going Offline

The most traditional way to sell your old games and consoles is by taking it to the physical gaming store, get an appraisal, and if you’re satisfied with the price, then it’s sold and you get your cash right away. You need to find reputable gaming stores or dealer to have a competitive valuation on your items. However, physical stores aren’t always available nearby and most people just feel uncomfortable as they can’t bargain on their own items. If it’s way too far from your location, you may need to spend more money on additional costs.

Going Online

You can simply sell your old games or consoles through certain marketplaces and ship them. The idea is to find marketplace which guarantees the safe transaction and free of fraud. For games, you can either sell them in a package or per title. If you have some time to research the price and rarity, selling per title may allow you to get more cash than selling in a bulk. For used consoles, you need to honestly present the details of your goods for a smooth transaction. At this point, you take a full control over the pricing of your items without getting an appraisal from other people. Packing and ensuring the package delivered in one piece is another challenge of going online.


If you don’t have even much time to post your item, you can put your old games and consoles under third party’s custody. They can be your trusted friends, used stores, pawn shops, or any game dealers. they’ll search the buyer for your games or consoles. As soon as your items are sold, you’ll get your money after the consignor take the consignment fee as a part of the deal. The pawn shops might be a little bit different as they may offer cash but it’s usually underrated.

Trade in for Cash

Well, it should’ve been under “going online” category but trade in for cash in this context refers to specific game trade. Instead of looking at some general marketplace or put your games and consoles on online custody, you can simply go to specific gaming trade in a website like https://www.tradeinforcash.co.uk/ for sure. It allows you the get a quick cash from your old games and consoles. You need to put the details of your consoles or games, get appraisals for your items, post them, and as soon as it’s delivered, you’ll get your money.

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