Lead generation can be a very stressful job in Singapore, especially if you are using telemarketing as the medium of communication. It can be challenging to generate good business leads, and it may be possible that the sales leads you thought you have might actually not actually be sales leads. This can be detrimental to the well-being of your employees. And since these are the people who power your firm, you will want to keep their morale up. But how can you do that? You can offer them some perks that they will love. But what kind of perks should you provide? It depends on what you can do. But you can get inspiration from what other firms have provided.


    1. Concierge Service – if you want people to stay productive on the production floor, then you will want them to stay there, right? S.C Johnson’s figured that the longer people stay in, working, instead of running around, doing this like returning overdue tapes, mail letters, send clothes to the dry cleaners, and other stuff, then the better it is. You can try that too. Hire people to take care of those worries, and your employees will worry about generating B2B leads for you.

    2. Bonus by Co-Workers – sometimes, you might miss giving a bonus to someone who deserves it. Sometimes, not all people in the office does any work at all. Online labor marketplace Coffee & Power figured that giving each of its employees a chance to reward co-workers who work hard. Done correctly and anonymously, this can level the playing field, increase productivity, and boost employee morale. You can also use this perk to get people working their best, all the time.

    3. Flexible advancement – sometimes, going up may not just cut it. This is especially true if the firm has limited positions available to someone looking for promotions. By offering a sideways promotion, either by assigning new tasks or responsibilities to talented people, then it is possible to keep them working for you. Deloitte did that, and they were able to keep many of their talented female employees, some who were thinking of moving to other, higher, pastures.

    4. No set vacation days – take note, this is not a new idea. Even IBM is using this principle. The idea here is that productivity is the only important thing to measure. So what if they are not in the office most of the time? If they deliver on time, then why keep track of their time? Besides, logically speaking, why waste your time keeping track of them if you can use it on something else? You can look for better things to do, and you also give the employees the feeling that you can trust them. They can act like adults, right?


These are just some of the innovations developed to get employees motivated to work better. Still, whether you will use will depend on you and what your company is. But what is the risk? It is worth the shot.

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