After making the decision to get started on a new workout program, one thing that you may want to start to consider doing is consulting with a personal trainer to help get you going. Many people are fast to think that they’ll just go about the process alone, finding some random program they’ve found online and hoping that they see optimal results.

Often they’ll start making good progress at first when they initially begin, but after a few weeks into the program, progress comes to a halt and they’re left wondering where they’re going wrong.

There are a number of key reasons to consider consulting with a personal trainer to help get you started, so let’s look at what a few of those reasons are right now so that you can get off on the right foot moving forward.

1. Motivational Support

The very first and often the initial reason that brings someone to work with a personal trainer is that they’ll provide a high level of motivational support to keep them going as they strive to realize their goals.

Whether or not you’ve been on a workout before in the past, motivation is often the one thing that causes you to fall off the program entirely, letting progress pass you by.
For the first week or two, you’ll be feeling highly motivated since you’ll be excited about the journey ahead, but after the first few weeks, progress will start to slow down and this can put a dent in any well-minded exerciser’s motivational levels.

Having the personal trainer there to support you at all times however can make sure that you keep pushing onwards, striving to take things up a notch.

2. Program Customization

Moving along, the second reason to consider hiring a personal trainer to assist you with your program as you get started is because they’ll help you ensure that your program is as customized to your own body and goals as possible.

Some people will have special needs and requirements that they’ll need to incorporate within their program plan. If they fail to meet these needs, they’ll either wind up injured or won’t see the progress they were after.

For instance, you may have a history of knee or back pain and as such, if you don’t avoid certain exercises, you’ll be asking for trouble.

If you don’t fully understand which exact exercises are going to put you at risk, this could definitely become a problem. You’ll aggravate the injury and before you know it, you’ll be in pain with each workout you do.

When you talk to a personal trainer about this injury however, they’ll be able to pick and choose movements that won’t stress the damaged area nearly as much, thus helping you stay pain-free as you go about your workout.

3. Injury Prevention

Speaking of injuries, that’s the next reason to consider working with a personal trainer. Injury risk can be quite high when you’re first getting started with a workout program because you may not know proper form with the various exercises and understand how to structure a workout for your skill level.

While you may find a workout online and it may be structured fine, if it isn’t a program that’s catered to a beginner exerciser, it still could cause issues.
When you workout with a personal trainer, not only will you ensure that you get a program that’s custom designed for the level you’re at, but they’ll also be able to keep a close eye on your form every step of the way, making absolutely sure that you are going to be executing each exercise properly.

This is also important because it’ll get you into using good habits on all the exercises you do, which will then stick as you move forward with your training.
If you develop poor form habits right off the start, you’re definitely going to be asking for problems over the long run.

4. Plateau Busting Strategies

Moving along, the next thing that working with a personal trainer is going to offer is help pushing past a plateau. If you’re going about your workouts doing the same thing over and over again, you may see results off the start but your body will be fast to adapt and when it does, results will come to a natural halt.

You must continually be changing up the workout to see ongoing results, so this means that you must be implementing new workout techniques into the protocol.

A trainer will have a whole arsenal of techniques they can share with you to push you past the plateau, so this can go a long way to help you move forwards with your results.
If you hit a plateau and don’t know how to get out of it, that will be the fastest way to kill your motivation in a hurry.

So as you can see, there are a number of reasons to consider working with a personal trainer when you first get started with a workout program. Always keep in mind that you should spend some time seeking out the trainer that you’re going to be working with, rather than jumping on board to work with the first trainer you find.

Those who aren’t taking the time to select their trainers properly may not find an ideal match and may not look forward to their sessions nearly as much.

Your trainer should be someone who you feel comfortable working with often throughout the workout program progress and someone that you feel you can confide in. While they definitely don’t have to be your best friend, it’s a must that you get along with them well as this will make your sessions move along that much more smoothly.

So there you have the main points to take into account. Even if you just book a few initial sessions with a trainer, it’s definitely worth your effort to do so.

Author's Bio: 

Shannon Clark holds a Degree in Exercise Science and Sports Performance and is a certified AFLCA personal trainer. She has been working in the health and fitness industry for the last 12 years and writes for and magazines on the topics of health, fitness, weight loss, cardio and strength training.