When you start a business and it is new, you are excited about everything. However, business is not a onetime risk. You have to keep taking risks if you want to keep your business afloat. Every new business decision you take requires you to take some amount of risk. You get bigger rewards when you take big risks. But how do you know that the decisions you have taken are bearing fruit? How do you know that your business is on the path to success? Here are the four signs that tell you your business is successful. Let’s take a look at them.
The Four Signs Your Business Is Successful

1. Your Cash Reserves Are Enough for Expansion
One of the most important things in the lifetime of a business is its expansion. You can’t keep on operating your business at the same size. You need growth with the passage of time, but growth requires you to spend a lot of money. For example, if you have a retail store and you want another one in a different area, you will have to have enough money to invest in this new branch. Where does that money come from? You have two ways to arrange for the money you need for business expansion. You can either go to the bank or use your cash reserves.

Going to the bank is not a bad option but having enough cash reserves to expand your business is better than a business loan on any given day. Your cash reserves show that you are profiting as well as making extra money to put aside for expansion. Not all businesses are able to do that. If you can spare money to build your cash reserves, your business is definitely successful.

2. You Are Paying Yourself a Handsome Salary
When you become an employee in your own company, you have to take a salary from it. In many cases, new business owners serve as an employee for their companies only to save money that they otherwise have to pay to a professional. What they do is that they don’t pay themselves any money. Yes, that’s a good way of saving money but it also shows that your business is not even making enough money to pay to the most needed professionals. On the other hand, if you are employed at your own company and also paying yourself a handsome salary, it is a clear indication that you are making good profits.

You should be happily paying yourself a salary from your business. However, if paying yourself is causing cash flow problems in the business, you are expecting too much from the business. Do keep in mind that even if your business is not paying you a big salary but it is making some profit, it is a very good situation to be in. You just need to put in some more hard work to increase your profits from the existing status.

3. You Are Fulfilling Big Orders without Cash Flow Problems
One of the biggest issues that small and new businesses face is when they receive a big order. A big order means the business has to arrange for large amounts of supplies and raw material. It is also clear that the business’ current inventory is not enough to fulfill the order from a big company. In this scenario, small businesses have several ways to tackle the situation. First, they can ask the company to pay some money in advance. If that’s not one of the options, the business has to take a bank loan to fulfill the order. You can even approach new investors and tell them why you need their money. A big order from a big company is a big attraction for investors.
The last thing you can do is to use your account receivables to arrange for the money to fulfill the order. However, selling your invoices and account receivables is not a good sign for a business. If you can fulfill big orders from big companies without going through any cash flow problems, it is a big indicator of your business’ success and you should be proud of it.

4. You Are Happy with Your Marketing Budget
The owner of Waterton restaurants points out, “Marketing is not the type of investment where you expect an instant return. It is not like producing new goods and selling them on the market to get an instant return on your investment. For this very reason, some business owners are not so willing to have a big marketing budget. Whether they don’t want to or they don’t have enough resources, in either case, they are making a huge mistake.” Marketing is crucial for any business and thus you should be happy with your marketing budget no matter how big it is.

The Waterton lodging website is a perfect example of how you spend on marketing. It all starts with your website design. Your frugality and thriftiness will speak loudly in how your website looks. The bad news is, it often shows up in the worst way. When you save money on your website design, it looks outdated and unappealing. You can say that your first impression is not so impressive for people who are searching for your business. If you can’t spend generously on your website, the other forms of marketing such as SEO, SMM, PPC, etc. are going to suffer too.

Bottom Line
While you must always know the signs that indicate the success of your business, you should also be aware of the signs that tell you about the failure of your business. When your idea has failed and your business is not making you money, the best decision is to shut it down quickly. The longer you take to shut down a failed business, the more it will suck in your money. It will damage you not only financially but emotionally as well. If you think your business does not show any signs of success, your next step should be to have a solid exit plan.

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