If you have been ramping up to provide a group program and have success with gathering a good group, you might be wondering what the next step is. How can you leverage success with a group and extend working with them?

There are a few things you can do to build on the success of a group program. Choose which one might work for you based on how much of your topic has been addressed in the initial group program.

1. Offer a Second Session. If you covered only a portion of the steps on a subject, you can offer a group program that continues from where you left off. This second session helps clients learn everything you have on a topic.

2. Offer an Advanced Course. If your group program covered all the bases, but just scratched the surface of the material, you can offer an advanced program that dives more deeply into each area. Depending on the topic, you can even offer a separate program on each of the sub topics you have covered in the first program session by session.

3. Offer Group Mentoring. If you have provided all the content, but feel clients could benefit from having direct access to you, mentoring can be a great addition. Offering a group program makes mentoring more affordable and can bring you more profit in the single hour than one-on-one mentoring.

4. Offer Private Mentoring. For the clients who want direct access and your full attention, private mentoring or coaching is the way to go. You can limit the number of people who can take advantage of this service to ensure you have time in your calendar and make it even more desirable.

Creating the Next Group Program - If you are very busy and don’t know how you’ll find time to create the next program, let me simplify that for you. Start by developing a simple outline or framework for what will be included. Then, you only need to develop one week at a time and deliver it. You can pace the development over the program and you only need to be a week or two ahead of your group.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

Do you have a group program that’s going well? Start thinking about which of these four ways to leverage your success will work for your business. Not everyone will want the next offering. But, you can easily encourage some group members to continue working with you by mentioning that you are developing the next phase and will tell them more before the first program is over.

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