When people think about healthy foods, visions of bland and unattractive looking foods that make you want to cringe usually appear. However, healthy foods need not necessarily have to be tasteless or disgusting tasting! The following foods are four of which are not only healthy, but also tasty for you!

The first food which is great for your health and fat loss and is also very tasty is cinnamon! Not only does cinnamon taste great, it is also thought to help aid in regulating blood sugar levels and reduces the possibility of getting a heart disease. USDA studies showed that individuals with diabetes significantly lowered their levels of cholesterol as well as their blood sugar levels simply by eating two grams of cinnamon for a six week time frame. A great way to eat it is over oatmeal, or you can add a little of it to your coffee.

Next, beets are considered to be a great tasty yet fat burning food that you can add to your daily diet. Beets are rich in nutrients known to lower homocysteine levels, known to be linked to damanged arteries, in the bloodstream. If you add beets to your diet, you will definitely reduce the chance of developing heart related diseases. You should consume beets in the raw form in order to gain the most health benefits. You can add them to your salad after they have been shredded and soaked in lemon juice.

Cabbage, a highly popular vegetable eaten often in Asia and Europe, is quickly becoming popular in America too. The nutrient sulforaphane is consists of the most benefit, due to its ability to reduce the risk of cancer. This is due to the nutrient defending the body against free radicals and also by raising the production of specific enzymes which help to protect against cell damage. This good tasting item can be used as a shredded topping for sandwiches. If you prefer other alternatives, you can make a nice salad using it, along with carrots.

Finally, the last healthy food yet great tasting food is the goji berry. It is a traditional Tibetan medicinal plant. There is more antioxidant power in this berry than in any other fruit, according to research. Researchers have found that the berry assists in reducing the amount of insulin which is risky for people with diabetes. You can enjoy a healthy breakfast in the morning by adding goji berries into your cereal or oatmeal.

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