The Union Public Service Commission conducts Indian Forest Service Exam to gain entry into the Indian Forest Service (IFS). Just like IAS and IPS, it is also a government job which includes work for both, the state government and the central government. Though every year thousands of aspiring candidates apply for this post, only a few meritorious ones are able to secure a seat and begin a career in IFS. However, one has to give a preliminary exam, a mains exam and finally the interview to be selected for the IFS. The entire selection process lasts for about 12 months. About 800 to 900 candidates are finally selected each year out of the nearly 400,000, but only a good rank guarantees an IFS selection— an acceptance rate of 0.01 percent. As you can see, there is stiff competition to clear this exam, thus following four ways can help you begin a career in IFS:
* Most important aspect of the IFS exam question paper is the general knowledge section. You need to brush up your knowledge on forest-related issues, policies and status of their implementation. You should also be well aware of your home-state especially with respect to geographical features, forest, wild life, economic status, cultural outlook, etc.
* The second important thing is to have a good command over the English language. Firstly because you can answer questions only in English. Also, General English is an important part of the syllabus. You get many essays, comprehensions, vocabulary exercises etc.
* Practice is the only way to score high marks in the IFS exam. Refer to model question papers, or sample papers. Answer them every day, according to the limited time prescribed in them, this would help to increase your speed and accuracy.
* Finally, stay aware of negative marking. Avoid losing marks in the exam due to wrong answers. Your percentage can go very low due to negative marking. Think over the answers with a cool mind and then answer them, avoid answering in haste.

These are four simple ways which can help you begin a flourishing career in Indian Forest Service (IFS). The exam is challenging, so is the interview round, however once you have decided to work hard and prove yourself, you can do wonders and bag yourself a seat. As you can see the percentage of acceptance by UPSC for IFS is very low, thus you would require aiming at scoring better than others which is only possible through dedication and the zeal to win.

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