Sometimes people just starting out in their practice feel nervous about credentials and experience. That’s totally understandable since you are moving into a new area. However, for you to build your practice and feel good about what you have to offer, you need to shore up your belief in yourself. Confidence is very attractive in business and life right?

Here are four ways you can build yourself up to exude confidence.

1. Write your compelling story. Here’s how to get your story started. Ask yourself these questions:

- What is your story?
- What challenges did you face?
- What transformation did you achieve?
- Why did you decide to start this business?
- What experience do you have that others can benefit from?

Once you get your compelling story down on paper, you have not only created a way to connect with prospects, but you have captured your own enthusiasm and reasons for being in business. This gives you the credibility you need and is an amazing tool for confidence building!

2. Read and re-read your compelling story. When you spend time reading your own success story, you are allowing the energy of your accomplishments to sink in. That works wonders to bolster your self-image. This will help you clearly see what you have to offer people facing similar challenges and feel good about your knowledge and skills to help them.

3. Remember, you are already helping people. Think about the people in your life right now who you have helped. Often, friends and family members seek out your help as you have talked about and demonstrated your own success. While these people may not have paid for your service, that doesn’t discount the fact that you have experience guiding people and helping them move forward to overcome their own challenges or achieve goals.

4. Keep track of kind words. What have people said about you and your work? You may have friends who pointed out how good you are at what you do. Or people you helped, even if just in conversation, who were thrilled with what you offered them. Keep track of all compliments and praise so you can remind yourself of the difference you make. It can be easy to forget the impact you have which is why I recommend creating a “kind words” file. For those days when confidence is lacking, open this file to get that solid reminder of why you have chosen this work.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

If you are worried about your credentials or feel uncertain of your ability to help others, then take these confidence building exercises to heart. These simple steps, applied consistently will work wonders to give you the self-assurance you need to attract clients and grow your practice.

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