Have you ever felt asleep when listening to a boring speaker? Has your mind wandered as someone is making a dull statement? Have you ever really wanted to listen intently, but there are millions of tasks at home waiting for you so you cannot concentrate on listening?

We may not admit, but such fact really has happened to most of us. However, if you are going to make a statement, do not let such things happen. The major key to making your audience listen intently is to involve the audience in your statement.

To involve them, there are several ways for you to traverse. Below are four best ways which you may consider. There are many of them so I just name a few. You can select what you feel will work well with you.

Ask questions

This strategy can make your audience try to think. They will surely do that because it is simply the way our brains function. If your audience’s energy starts to drop, just ask a question, select one to answer, thank him or her and then move on to the next one. You should not be afraid of loosing control of the audience. You can ask a question like “How many of you agree with me?” and ask them for a show of hands.

Make them feel fun

If you say, for example, “Lions and tigers and bears oh my…” and stop the sentence, think about what they would say. Once they realize that this is a line from the famous movie “The Wizard of Oz” surely will they be laughing. This is really a way to make them feel funny.


Once you find that your audience’s energy is heavy, you are able to change it just by using this simple technique. Just ask a question like “Is this good stuff?” As the audience responds with “Yes”, you just say “Turn to the ones sitting next to you and give them high-fives and say that ‘This is good stuff!’” Then you have changed the energy this funny way.

Give them candy

If you want your audience participate more, just reward them for participating. Just ask them a question and gently give as the one answering it a candy or chocolate. It will become a game so they will compete for your reward. However you should use this only for some minutes when their energy is heavy instead of using throughout your entire speech.

The techniques and ways mentioned are just a few of the effective techniques and ways to get the audience involved in your statement. Being a speaker, what you need to take into consideration is that you should use as many different techniques and ways as you are able think of which are really appropriate for you as a speaker and for your audience as well. Just believe me, you will make a successful statement and your audience will really thank you for it.

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