Once the thrill of the hunt has faded and couples have become accustomed to one another's bodies and habits, it's common for sex to become a little mundane. While some men might like this, as routine sex can be quite comforting, there are times when men might like to spice things up just a little bit for better sex. These are four ways in which more adventuresome couples can make their sex lives just a little more interesting, and perhaps even more enjoyable, as well as maintaining good penis health.

Switch Things Up.

Most couples have predictable times in which they engage in sex, and they might even have standardized patterns they follow concerning foreplay and sex positions. It's comfortable, and it's an easy routine to follow, but it also just isn't that exciting, and it can be easy to get bored after a while. Reaching out for a partner at a completely unexpected time, or using a slightly different position can make things just seem a little more interesting. New sensations might arise, and couples might find that experimentation suits them well.

It is worth mentioning, however, that very contorted positions can put a moving penis in contact with an unmoving bone, and this can result in some serious injuries. Before men choose to walk through some of the more elaborate moves shown sex manuals like the Kama Sutra, they might want to discuss their plans with their partners in advance. Planning like this can help ensure that a night of intimacy doesn't end with a trip to the emergency room.

Try Props.

While hands, mouths and naughty bits all play a key role in a sexual experience, there are times that other items could provide additional enhancement. Ice cubes, chocolate sauce, honey and the ever-popular whipped cream could all make oral encounters a little more lively, and sex toys can provide new sensations of vibration and pressure that couples might find amazingly enjoyable.

Start Early.

Moving from sleepy to sexy is a challenge for busy adults consumed with thoughts about the bills, the children and the deadline looming at work. Forcing those thoughts to the background is easier when the day has been filled with little hints of the fun that's to come. Couples can sprinkle in some verbal foreplay throughout the day by:

  • Sending one another naughty text messages
  • Trading coded email messages
  • Slipping sexy notes into the car
  • Calling one another for quick sex talk

After a day of this teasing and taunting, almost anyone will be ready to head into the bedroom for a full night of fun, regardless of whatever else is happening in their busy lives.

Practice Good Hygiene.

Giving the body a good scrub can really add a little spark to an otherwise boring and routine sex life. After all, a body that's washed and clean is just more fun to interact with, and the clean skin might get a little more attention than it would if it were caked with grime and loaded with nasty scents. Focusing on hygiene could also boost penis sensation, and this might also make sexual encounters more enticing.

The penile skin is loaded with touch receptors, but all of these sensory cells can be muffled by scar tissue and layers of dead skin cells. They can also be starved of vital nutrients, and therefore unable to detect touch as they should. A quick scrub with warm water can help to remove dead skin cells and other unwanted material, and using a penis health creme (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) can provide those starved cells with the nutrients they crave. After a few days of washing and pampering, a man's body might be humming with activity, ready to touch and be touched. It's an excellent way to spice up any encounter.

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