There are four causes why women dump men. With as little as one of these things in the relationship, the woman will eventually leave the man. We will go over the four occasions so as you can see if your own relationship may need some improvement.

The first basis is control, which can come from either the man or woman. When a man or woman is controlling, they will drive their partner away from them, even if the relationship is otherwise excellent. Women specifically like being independent in this day and age, so give her some time to herself from time to time. However women will need some occasional time to themselves; you just don’t need to be there breathing down her neck all the time. Such as going out with her friends for coffee and “girl talk.” Many times women will find a great sense of pleasure and relaxation in doing things away from your relationship.

The next reason is jealousy. There is nothing more likely to spoil a relationship quicker than a jealous man tracking his girlfriend to always know where she is and what she is doing. Jealousy is a perceived power trip that needs to be handled. A woman's love will fade with eruptions of jealousy. The man is apprehensive of her love and devotion, even if there is no reason for this whenever he lets his green-eyed monster get the better of him. When the man slips and lets outbursts of jealousy come out, he is hurting the relationship.

The next thing is that women do not want a man that is not strong, as women tend to like confident men that take the lead. A woman is looking for a man that will take charge, and not someone pulling at her apron strings. A woman desires someone that is protective and that she can count on to stand up for her. So get in the habit of taking the lead and quit being so wishy-washy whenever you are making plans.

The last cause of breakups is that no one enjoys living with a louse. A woman seeks protection and needs the comfort of being secure and that her man is able to provide for her. You can’t just expect your woman to stick by your side if you don’t have any substantial goals or aspirations with your life. Find a passion with your life, a calling to live for, something you can get excited about and gets you out of bed in the morning. Have you ever noticed how women just seem to be uncontrollably drawn to men that have a goal or a quest for themselves? A woman likes to boast about how exciting her man is and how he makes her feel. This won’t happen if you just watch TV all day.

If you can handle these four aspects of your relationship then you will have a long healthy relationship with any woman. Whether you want a relationship now or not, if you have any of the traits of the four listed above, you will seriously struggle to find a happy relationship.

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Steve Steiner enjoys helping men deal with the conflicts and challenges they experience in relating with women and helping them form successful relationships.

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