What better time than now is it to grow and prosper? We are approaching yet the end of another year or for some, a new beginning. It is a fact that the majority of new and existing businesses flourish this very time of year because so many people are making resolutions for change in their lives. They are tired of their job and feeling a renewed substance within them that any new year brings. We all are conscious that January 1st is really just another day, but each of our subconscious minds sing to an entirely different tune. Most have been waiting for an excuse regardless of their individual desire. A new year seems just the right time. It is a time that will not stir too much attention from others when some of us decide to make a move for personal change. Very few people like the spotlight when a step is taken out of the box. Society is always waiting for consensus. The time is now for all of you current or prospective business owners and those of you sitting on the fence deciding what to do differently this year to open the doors to growth and prosperity for you and your family that you failed to accomplish last year. You should ask yourselves the right questions in order to determine your next plan of attack. Those questions should bring out the truth to your current situation and not the abridged version of FPA or otherwise known as Finger Pointing Anonymous.

This year I would encourage each of you to stake claim to your current situation and take responsibility. I was never a fan of the saying, “If it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it.” I believe it should really say, “If it isn’t broken, rusty, outdated, producing sub-optimal results, or creating opposite of what you want in life, then don’t fix it.” This way it would make more sense to each of us and sounding off the siren to make the appropriate change or fix to our lives. I would bet that there are probably a couple of people out there reading this and thinking to themselves, “He’s got a point there.” I shall never claim to be of genius status though I am in complete understanding of the correlation between effort and results. The good Lord never judges our results, but you can be sure he notices our individual efforts within ourselves and to others. There are many sayings which we have all heard in the past and mean the same thing. Whatever direction or change in your life you choose for this upcoming New Year, go at it with more effort than you ever have before. You are a success, starting right now. You control your future and your future results.

Make it the Best Day Ever!


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I am glad you visited my site and hope that you will come again. I am constantly asked why I created this site, so I'd like to answer that right up front. I feel that it is extremely important to get to know someone prior to meeting or doing business with them. Whether you are a new patient, business prospect, or just some random person who came across my site, I want you to get a better picture of who I am and what I stand for. I am passionate about life and found my purpose, which is to serve others. I am not a saint, but just an average guy who sees only the good and potential in all people and situations. It is a fact that we can improve upon any situation which life presents. I hope that this site helps in some way, It helps me. Whatever your reason for visiting this site, I want to thank you. Please leave responses and feedback to my writings. It helps me a great deal and thank you in advance.