France has established a worldwide name in education at an international level and is a popular study destination for both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. The quality of education in France is unsurpassable, thus attracting international students to Study in France.
If you have made up your mind to pursue higher education from France, it is important that before you grab your French dictionary and place it in your luggage, figure out the type of student visa you need, start preparing all the required documents and find everything that you need to know about it.
The two prevalent visa options for the prospective international students is as follows:

Short Stay Visa:
Applicable to students aspiring for a training or course which does not exceed 3 months in duration.

Long Stay Visa:
Applicable to students seeking education in France for a period longer than 3 or 6 months. This is considered equivalent to a residence permit.
To pursue a complete degree program at any French institution students, apply for a long stay visa.
Now once you know which Visa to apply for, its time to understand the France study visa requirements. So, go through the checklist below, so that you don’t miss out on anything.
• Valid Passport
• Student Visa Application Form - Dated and Signed
• Student’s ID photograph
• proof of legal residency in the country of application - if not a legal residence of the visa submitted country
• Required Travel Documents - with 3 months validity succeeding the date of return
• The students latest completed degree documents
• OFII form - Filled with student’s details
• Pre-registration Certificate by prospective institution
• Bank Certificate or Scholarship Certificate justifying the deposits of €615 per month

Any documents submitted apart from French or English languages must be translated into French upon submission. Visa type is known, the requirements for France student visa is understood as well. Now is the time to know the process of visa application.

Go through the below Visa procedure.
Step 1: File Preparation
File preparation plays a most important role in visa approval and as it is a crucial process, extra care needs to be taken. It is advisable that you get your file prepared with the help of a qualified person.

Step 2: Online Registration
Create an account at campus France. Fill the form of Campus France consisting of academics +language skills, CV + SOP, etc and summit your file online.

Step 3: The Academic Interview
It is also the most important round in France Student Visa Process. You have to appear in person for the interview with all the necessary documents. Clearing this interview is mandatory for a smooth Visa Grant.

Step 4: Appointment With VFS- France
After the academics’ interview and No Objection Certificate received from Campus France, schedule an appointment with VFS-France.

Step 5: Collect Your Visa
In a period of 3 to 4 weeks you will receive your Visa.

Once the process is done just sit back and relax as your dream of studying abroad is just about to come true. You can visit Overseas Education Consultants as well, for complete assistance in study abroad admissions and visa process.
If you are an Indian citizen, you can benefit from the changed norms of post study work permit as you are eligible for upto 2 years of visa extension.
So, don’t wait to experience the student life at France!

All the best!

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