Millions of people in the world suffer from insomnia. Sleep disorders are becoming more common due to excessive stress and concerns to which we’re all exposed. Sooner or later, not sleeping well brings damaging consequences to our health and mood. If situation doesn’t get better, it's time to visit a doctor.

Nowadays, traditional medicine usually treats sleeping problems with drugs. These can cause dependence. In the worst cases, patients aren’t able to fall asleep if they don’t ingest their medication.

If you have sleep problems, using of natural medicine is recommended. A very effective treatment is using of essential oils for sleep. If they’re applied on chest, forehead or nose, they offer a therapeutic and relaxing effect. Most used essential oils for deep sleep are tangerine, chamomile and frankincense.

Frankincense essential oil is very good at inducing sleep, due to its powerful relaxing qualities. Frankincense essential oil is extracted from a tree. This segregates a white sap that when hardening acquires a yellow, brown or light green color. In countries like Oman, the green variety is the most appreciated and much of its production is reserved for members of royalty.

Today, the most common and cheapest varieties are yellow and brown. These are produced in Arab and African countries, such as Somalia, Oman and Yemen.

Nowadays, essential oils are extracted by several methods. The most common are distillation and compression. Frankincense essential oil, for example, is extracted by distillation. Basically, the process consists of boiling the hardened sap in distilled water. When water and oil evaporate, they’re stored in a container.

After a time, an oil layer forms on the water. The oil is taken to another container and heated again to eliminate any remaining water. Then it’s passed through filters. The final result is pure frankincense essential oil, free of residues and with the highest quality.

Frankincense essential oil is characterized by a quite penetrating fruity and woody aroma. Putting a couple of drops in a vaporizer is enough to impregnate a large area with its delicious smell.

Inhaling incense vapors helps to calm anxiety, anger, depression and frustration. Many cultures use incense in their spiritual rituals, because it’s believed that their aroma helps to regain spiritual balance.

Pure frankincense essential oil is non-toxic and can be applied topically or ingested in small proportions. Applied topically, it’s useful to heal wounds, reducing skin inflammation, strengthening hair roots, hydrating skin and delaying aging. When it’s ingested, it works as an excellent digestive.

Today, frankincense essential oil is one of the best selling in the world. Its healing properties are especially appreciated in India and China, where it’s used as an important ingredient in traditional medicine. In western countries, it’s mostly used in aromatherapy.

For thousands of years, frankincense essential oil has proven to be very effective in treating different diseases. For that reason, we can be sure that natural treatments based on essential oils are as effective as conventional treatments.

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