Each week whilst working with Onda Cero, one of Spain's national broadcasters, I had a forum called Serious Issues when my guest was psychologist, Steve Ashley. I found myself very often at a very different point of view when discussing issues with Steve and found our discussions most stimulating.

I have a page of very interesting podcasts which might be very valuable for our readers.Here is the link for our discussions..http://www.vincetracy.com/SeriousIssues.html

Track 1. Steve joined me to discuss new initiates in the UK to protect children and give them back their childhood
Track 2. This was a very interesting discussion on the topic of Anger Management.
Track 3. On this podcast we discuss aspects of old age.
Track 4. Violent Relationships were the order of the day
Track 5. On this track we discuss the serious nature of addiction to Computer Games
Track 6. We discuss the activities of thugs as reported in the British press.

These podcasts are free and immediately available to download and the series was created by me to help anyone suffering within these issues. I have a Diploma in Hypnotherapy which was often interesting background for me plus my own experiences in bringing up a family of three boys has allowed me to gather the experience necessary to deal with the situations parents often have to face.
The fact that my own life has been so different to that of my guest, Steve Ashley, makes for interesting listening. Steve is a very well respected psychologist who lives and works on the Costa Blanca and he was instrumental in bringing the Samaritans to this part of Spain.

Author's Bio: 

Vince is a qualified teacher and lecturer who both broadcasts and podcasts.He has degrees in Recreation and the Community and the Philosophy in Education plus diplomas in Journalism and Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy. He works in broadcasting and teaching.