It might be that you got interested in taking pictures and you wanted now to see some free online photography course. You're right in seeking online since it is here that you can find free online photography course. Well, photography course is a broad subject so let's just talk about some topics here that you can immediately apply in your photography.

Free online photography course 1 - Learning the Distant Shots

There are three of them namely the Long Shot, Medium Shot, then, the Close up Shot.

Long Shot is used to establish the scene by taking as wide shot as possible. This kind of shot tries to include everything in the scene to show the general view of everything. In telling a story, it's good to start from a long shot first. Example here is a building where many people are coming in.

Medium Shot is used to come in closer and show things within that long shot like people, tables, chairs, etc.

Close up is then used to show detailed shots like the faces of those people talking.

Free online photography course 2 - Knowing the Correct Angle

Again, there are three types of angles in photography. These are the high angle, normal angle, and low angle.

High angle shot is done by having the camera higher than the subject and shoot downwards. This will diminish the subject.

Normal angle are used in a person to person eye level shots. It shows being natural because it's how we normally see things.

Low angle is done by having the camera lower than the subject and then shoot upwards. This emphasizes heights and power.

Free online photography course 3 - Composing those Shots

It's also important for you to compose your shots. There are many rules in photography compositions such as rule of thirds, balance and imbalance, lines, textures and patterns, framing and simplicity.

Rule of thirds is done by not placing the subject in the center. Just make imaginary lines by dividing the camera frame into nine equal parts. In those intersections, place your main subject.

In knowing whether you do balance and imbalance, you must know what you want to emphasize. If you wanted to show a formal and flat subject, then do balance. However, if you want to make your photo more dynamic and show three dimensionless, then do imbalance.

You might see lines, textures, and patterns that are grouped together in a single place. Try to frame those subjects and capture them. You'll surely have a great shot!

You can also apply framing in your photos by having some foregrounds that frame the main subject.

Lastly, just make your composition simple. Try photographing a subject in a plain background rather than having a lot of subjects in a cluttered background.

So those are the basics for your free online photography course. I hope you learned something. Just practice them everyday and you'll surely enjoy it. Keep on learning and practicing and you'll soon be a very good photographer!

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Chamberlane Altatis