Here you will find current free prepaid SIM cards from all providers in a comparison. We will show you the best mobile phone cards and how you can easily order a kostenlose sim karte with starting credit. With our free prepaid comparison for free cell phone cards from o2, Vodafone, Telekom, ALDI Talk, WhatsApp SIM and many other cell phone providers you are guaranteed to find the best cell phone free card for you.

Why free SIM cards?

The prepaid providers use the free SIM card, among other things, for customer acquisition and retention. The advantage for the customer is that he receives a SIM card without a contract, the prepaid card is free of charge and therefore takes no risk.

Also, the SIM cards with start credit are already loaded so that the user can use the SIM card immediately. The cheap prepaid tariffs can be used with mobile phone contract cards, such as Allnet Flat contracts, to keep up and even undercut them often. If the user wants to top up their free SIM card, many of the network operators also sweeten free Sims with a great bonus.

For example, there is not only a free pre-paid card but also free SMS flat rates, free minutes, telephone flat rates, landline flat rates, monthly flat rates or competitions in which you take part. With the free SIM card offers, both sides benefit, both the customer and the free prepaid mobile phone provider.

Who a surf stick has can use many of the free SIM cards for the stick. In our cell phone lexicon, we explain the most important terms and bring light into the dark. There you will find definitions & meanings for the most important terms relating to cell phones, prepaid and SIM cards.

Which is the best-prepaid sim card?

The best known free prepaid SIM cards are the o2 free card and the Vodafone CallYa free card, At that time, o2 was the first provider to launch the free o2 SIM card on the market and to this day the o2 loop-free card can be ordered completely free of charge and offers a classic 9 cent tariff, without a basic fee and of course without a contract.

Over time, more and more mobile operators were pushing the prepaid free card market with free SIM cards. Numerous discount tariffs are now on the market with cheap prepaid cards. Often, the SIM cards have to be bought or activated for a small one-off amount of just € 5, but since almost all Sim cards are equipped with starting credits, which are usually even higher than the activation fees,

Our clear favorite is the CallYa prepaid card from Vodafone. These can be ordered completely free of charge and then used as required and topped up with credit. If you do not use the card, there are no costs, since there is no basic fee or contract. Such a prepaid card is also the perfect choice for people who need a second number.

With the CallYa Sim card, you get a prepaid tariff in the Vodafone network, one of the best networks in Germany. The high-speed surfing speed is 50 Mbit / s in the 4G / LTE network. We can recommend this card to anyone who relies on a good network at a good price.

In our prepaid tariff, comparison you can use the tariff filter to search for other SIM cards that exactly match your needs. If you already have a prepaid card and want to know how to check your current credit or top up your new credit, then you will find all options and options for all providers on our "Top up your mobile phone" page.

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