Perendev magnet opposing wheels:

Unlike other magnet powered engines (Minato or Bedini magnet engines), the Perendev opposed magnetic motor system is only by using opposed magnet wheels (magnets are present equally inside rotor and also the stator). Perendev, headed by Michael J. Brady, is popular for its declare to an all and only magnet motor. In 2006, Brady claimed to possess constructed an electromagnetic self-jogging model. He started taking orders for these inside output assortment from a hundred kW to 4 MW, and in Feb. 2007 allegedly delivered as several as 80-90 inside two sizes of hundred kW and 300 kW by including on the rotor an electrical strength generator . Good deal's of Perendev replica are actually given that by amateurs.

Minato magnet motor:

Mr Kohei Minato from Japan have invented a performing all-magnet motor (from Nikola Tesla, very first inventor of these types of programs), in addition as an electromagnetic variation that was described as "ultra effective" and minimizing strength consummation. The Minato motor consume just 20 p.c or a smaller amount with the energy of traditional motors using the identical torque and horse electrical power. They run cool towards the reach for and develop pretty much no acoustic or electrical noise. Safer and less costly (less strength consumed), and they are sounder environmentally (pollution totally free). The magnetic engine might be less costly than a standard engine to create, because the rotor and stator assemblies might be fixed into plastic housings, thanks to your actuality which the technique creates really little heat. With the support of magnet powered propulsion, it's feasible to attach a generator towards the engine and create a lot more electric electrical power than was place in the device. Minato says that regular efficiency on his motors is about 330 percent. lately, some Minato magnet engines was positioned into some "A/C air conditioning" as energy resource

John Bedini magnet engine:

John Bedini of your Bedini Electronics organization is an electrical engineer. Bedini has self-published a amount of articles or blog posts connected to experimental techniques for generating and transmitting electrical vitality employing magnets and coils (with electronics parts, in order to command the engine process). John Bedini of Bedini Electronics has long been an inventor, researcher, developer and pioneer of some of your most innovative electricity making units accessible. He's most noted for his "College Lady" engine circuits and variations of them. John's circuits are quickly essentially the most efficient battery charging circuits from the globe. Not merely are they one of the most successful, the batteries power loads a lot extended on top of that to lasting a lot of decades much more merely since with the way the batteries are charged. Rather than charging batteries with scorching electron present, his circuits cost them while using voltage likely component of electrical energy, which is totally free of electron existing or largely totally free of electron latest. The batteries stay cold and therefore, internal warmth doesn't deteriorate them through time as traditional chargers do.

Troy Reed Magnetic Generator Automobile engine:

In approximately 1994, Troy Reed claimed to possess a fuelless, pollution-totally free engine with around 7 kilowatts of output, highly effective enough to run a household or perhaps a automobile. The engineering attained a flurry of excessive amount curiosity, such as key media. Actor and co-inventor, Dennis Weaver organized a cross-region demonstration.

From 1980-1995, Troy built a generator that allegedly was powering his individual dwelling (and some with the neighbors when the power went out). Commonly it put out round 15-30 kW, nevertheless it was able of placing out 70 kW. Check out Reed car motor (employing strength and magnets) is doing work properly, is "vitality free" and "pollution no cost" (no CO2 in any respect), and even now get a for a longer period everyday living than common vehicules using petrol or diesel powered engines)

Paul Pantone hydrogen engine:

Paul Pantone's hydrogenenergy process is termed GEET (Worldwide Environmental Vitality Technology), it use a reactor buil inside the engine exaust, creating a chemical response, the normal water cross threw the reactor, and goes into a bubler (mineral water bubler) which make the chemical response* to acquire the hydrogen out from the bubler.

a couple of approaches so you can get the wanted chemical response: working with aluminium parts in to the reactor, or adding 'carbon (or) soude (or) potassium bicarbonate'. Vinegar might be applied in addition to execute the chemichal reaction. Hydrogen is by far the most powerfull explosive gas, a lot more than any other gas: butane, propane, GLP or others... Buiding an hydrogen powered motor, demand carburetor/injectors admission to get nicely regulated, as hydrogen is an large explosive gas.

Resonance vitality. Nikola Tesla performs...

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