Your Free Day

It's funny, the most talked about feature of the livethislife program is undoubtably the FREE DAY. For those of you that have not yet joined our team, the free day is the one day throughout the course of the week where all livethislife rules get thrown out the window. That's right...Ditch planning and goal setting for the day, can any authorised foods, forget about activity and basically just break all the rules. For those of you reading who are on the program, the free day is definitely at the core of discussion. My members get so excited about breaking the rules for that one day, they forget they have been abiding by the them for the remaining six. For those of you who have not yet joined the team, don't get disillusioned, I created the free day purely as a subconscious reward to give my members something to look forward to during the week. You see most people become frustrated with new eating and activity programs and find the change too much to overcome. To prevent this, I have tried to break the psychological barrier by rewarding the mind and body's transformation process with a free day. Despite the fact that there are no rules for that one day of the week, the human body will adapt to its predominant routine which is of course is the livethislife routine, which is performed for the remaining six days of the week. Although you're going back to your old habits, I am convinced that this is an extremely productive approach in the initial rehabilitation of healthy lifestyle habits. As everyone of us is aware, change is not always easy and is a true reflection of our ability to maintain diligent process. This diligent process however can make or break people. Not all people are the same, some people are more disciplined than others, whether physically, mentally, or a combination of both. What I have found, is that new comers to the health and lifestyle game have a much higher chance of success simply by implementing a free day into their weekly routine, after all, livethislife is all about sustaining and maintaining a healthy strategy for life. Life is meant to be fun, you need to find the balance between health and pleasure. Fortunately for you, I am extremely confident that I have developed that balance.

Now, despite all of the hype and excitement surrounding the free day within the livethislife team, what I have found along with my seasoned members is that when you program your mind and body to eat healthy and engage in activity six days out of the week, eventually your free day will become less inviting. Your body will get so used to utilizing healthy foods that eventually you will start to reject all the bad foods. When I say reject I mean, make you feel ordinary and lethargic as apposed to energetic and revitalized. I know from my own experience, when my free day comes around, I have no intention of going out and eating fast foods because I know It will make me feel dirty and unhealthy...Give me a fresh King Prawn Salad over a Big Mac meal any day of the week....Including my FREE DAY!

The whole lifestyle game is about programming the mind and body. It is just as easy to program your body into a healthy routine as it is to program your body into an unhealthy routine. Why feel lethargic, unhealthy and unmotivated when you can feel energetic, healthy and motivated? This is a question that is quite easily answered when you are able to experience both at the same time!.

Author's Bio: 

Hi there, my name is Mark Piercy,
owner and developer of Live This Life.

About six years ago I had hit rock bottom in life. I was depressed,
had no job, was overweight and feeling quite sorry for myself.
I needed to make a change in my lifestyle in order to get out of the
rut I was in so I turned to the health and fitness industry.

Since that day I have transformed my life into something special. I now work for myself helping others who are in the same situation I was in those many years ago. Today I find nothing more satisfying than helping others achieve their goals and dreams in life.

My mission with livethislife is to transform bodies, change mindset, create more energy and motivation and give people the knowledge and tools they need to make a positive change and transform thier current lifestyle.