If you are an aspiring Tarot reader there are many things you need to know. One is to be humble and don´t assume you know everything, so be open to new experiences but the main problem I encounter when I am with aspiring readers is the lack of emphasis in the querent´s free will.

This is by far the most problematic issue either for the reader or for the querent and it seems it´s kind of a taboo

Free will and the Tarot – why the taboo?
in the Tarot reading world.

Afterall, how can you read the future for a person and not influence that people´s actions directly?

Well, before getting to that, let me tell you what are the main problems in case you do break the querent´s free will.

First the querent may become addicted as when the free will diminishes the potential for energy vampires to take advantage of that person rises exponentially. Then, even if there are no energy vampires around, and assuming you aren´t one either, the querent may transfer that weakness into you as the solver of all the problems. This is bad to the querent but is also very bad to you because you are now feeding on this person´s energy… and it usually is bad energy. So, in case you want to share some of the querent´s burden do not let him see you as the answer to all his problems.

Then, if you break this free will rule you are breaking the most precious gift God has gave humanity, so be aware of the kind of forces you are dealing with here. By doing that you are in a way replacing God´s gift to that person so expect to pay the price in your life in some way. Do you knew many Tarot readers actually die young? Or have unbalanced personal lives?

So, by all means do focus your reading in a positive way, do not make full of certain statements (this is a big temptation for the aspiring readers) and try always to avoid taking sides on the querent´s story.

Do not tell the person what to do, instead make it seem like an advise from a friend, and even if you see the most darkening future never make bad news seem as unavoidable. If else, focus on advice on how to smoothen the future problems even if you have to disguise it as advice for something else. Come on, it is your job to do it, do it well done.

Put yourself in the position of a friend giving advice ( a good friend, not a bad one). Never hurt the person´s feelings as you do not have the right to impose misery to that person.

Always look on the bright side. Listen to yourself when reading and try to see where your focus seems to be, on the positive or negative side of the questions. If on the negative beware… your guides may be not the one´s you want.

And try to make the reading by daylight…

Author's Bio: 

I started this spiritual journey many years ago. Apart from some spiritual and divinatory experiences I had in my childhood.

I was only 15 when i became interested in the I-Ching, which led me deep into this world of divinatory arts. In 3 years time I was giving lectures on the I-Ching for dozens of people.

Soon after I was studying deeply many of this themes which gave me a broad insight on the power of these ancient arts as well as many years of experience reading for people.

Soon after the I-Ching and my newly discovered passion, I was travelling to Southern France to study the Cathars, Rennes-le-Chatteau, Montsegur, etc. Then the Vatican, where I had a strange spiritual experience while in the cave where St Peters was imprisioned. Even the bosnian pyramids got my attention and I went there to study and feel them first hand.

I cast the Tarot right in the Montsegur castlet where the Cathars were exterminated and got surprisingly results. Even now i hold that deck with some pride.

I did it too while walking the Santiago camino during Winter with one hell of a snow storm… while chased by a bear!

The I-Ching led me to other arts, I became very keen on the LeNormand Tarot, the one created by the personal advisor of Napoleon Bonaparte. Then the pendulum as I was delaying my dive in the mainstream Tarot on purpose.

However it became inevitable. I am now very glad I did all the journey before as I could understand the Tarot with such insights which would be impossible if it had been different.

I became absorbed by the teachings of the Law of One, CC Zain, by the Saint-Germain Tarot, Samael Aun Weor, by the talks with my personal spiritual advisor near where I live and by the words of some gnostic masters that I encountered on the way.

All of it made so much sense that I was terrified so much lightness around me regarding one of the best tools for self knowledge available to mankind. Everything is there…

Now, 20 years after the beggining of this “formal” learning, I feel I must share the knowledge I gathered as a tool for others to enjoy and maybe grow.

Growth is the key here. Remember:

You do not GO to Heaven, you GROW to Heaven!