In order to develop intuition you have to first realize that you already have it and just need to free your intuition. If you previously had a premonition about something then it's known as intuition. In other words when your mind imagines more things which you are not consciously aware of is called intuition. But can we trust our intuition? How can you improve it?

Developing Intuition in 3 Simple Steps

1. Recognize the feeling and encourage it.

2. Studying more about it, to make it reliable.

3. Compliment it with fine information to work on.

Gary Kasparov says that he can imagine about chess positions and their movements before the pieces are moved. And he fails the best computers with this feeling on the games. This premonition helps him to make an analysis with "logic" of which move will be suitable. Try and find out such instincts in yourself and work on them so that you can get better with it.

Sometimes, intuitions and a heightened intuition sense can work as a warning device. Once, me and my wife felt that we should not get in to a particular bus at Ecuador. There's no psychic power involved in this, at times crowded buses are great location for pickpockets. Also a drunken man was repeatedly bumping into fellow passengers. We did not take much notice of those things around us, but they were getting recorded in our minds. However, we ignored our intuitions, only to find later that I have lost my wallet.

I purchased a conversion van, I looked all over it. Sometimes people get similar feelings. When one looks at a thing and recognizes it you feel like finding more things related to it. Once you start watching intuition in yourself, you will have similar experiences. You will always have the urge of knowing more about that thing.

Sadly, at times a strong intuition can be completely irrelevant. As a kid if you were involved in an accident with a yellow taxi you have the intuition which tells you that yellow taxis can be dangerous for you and end up not getting into one. So sometimes when you are learning to recognize an intuition and trying to develop it you may be left wondering whether to trust it or not.

Study Your Intuition and Free your Intuition

Always keep questioning your intuitions. If we ask ourselves why we had an ill feeling about that bus, the reason could be, "Oh yeah, we know that a crowded bus is a bad idea" So get in to the habit of studying about your intuitions by noticing it closely.

Where does your intuition works at its best? If you feel that you are always right about the intuitions that you get then give them more credibility. Conversely, if your intuitions on people have never come true then don't run behind them. Watching closely the way intuition works in you, will give you a clear understanding.

Give Your Intuition Good Information

The effectiveness of intuitions depends on several factors such as your knowledge, sill & experience. Kasparov can beat the computer, only because of his intuitions. Before you trust on your intuitions you must have good knowledge of it. Find out the field you want to learn more about and then work on your intuition. When you are loaded with knowledge on a particular topic, your intuitions come along to help you, sometimes even without your conscious involvement in it.

Try and identify your intuition every time which will help you in getting intuitions more often. Learn about it and you will know when you should trust it. Feed it with the greatest knowledge and you will be paid back with amazing ideas and great intuitions. This is an easy formula for working and growing your intuition levels.

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