Looking at a certain object, let's say a photograph, or a painting, we need to stand back in order to appreciate the finer details. If we stare at it from close up we don't see the bigger picture. Step back and it all becomes clear.

In life there comes a time when we are ready and able to change for the better. Only then will we be able to use the information that was probably there all along – it just didn't register. It seems that the only catalyst to making us think of our own self improvement is when things hit rock bottom. Take for instance the following example:

Imagine you've put a frog in a pan of hot boiling water – what does he do? His eyes bulge in shock and he leaps out as fast as he can. Put another frog in some cool water and gradually heat the water up, and the frog will stay put for longer before deciding it's getting uncomfortable and jumping out. So, what's my point? The first frog was very rudely put into hot water, he couldn't cope with the sudden change in temperature, effectively part of his environment, and so he jumped out. The second frog's environment changes much more slowly, and so it is longer before he starts to become uncomfortable.

You can draw a comparison between people and these rather unfortunate frogs in terms of human nature. For example, if you already knew that someone didn't like you it's not nice, but also not the end of the world. If someone else told you the next day you'd be a bit upset but probably let it lie. Then imagine that the day after you learn that a whole bunch of other people didn't like you either – this is probably when you'd finally realize that something needed to be done.

This example helps to illustrate that negative changes in our environment and relationships become more and more hurtful the longer we ignore it. This is probably because humans on the whole find it difficult to change so it's not until things become unbearable that we think about improving ourselves.

Whether you thrive on it or loathe it, change is going to happen, forcing us to take a good look at ourselves and do something about it. This won't be because of other's opinions, but can only happen when you yourself decide its time.

So, the idea of self improvement may seem like a whole lot of hard work and not much fun but if you view it in a different way, you may actually begin to enjoy the process. So, maybe instead of sitting on the couch drinking beer three times a week, substitute it with three trips to the gym. Read literature rather than looking at pornography, thus giving you more knowledge of the world about you and those in it. Socialize instead of being solitary, helping you to disassociate from the pressure of work and relax. You will find that you won't even notice the point at which self improvement stops being a chore and starts being a pleasure.

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