Can acceptance be love? Is there real freedom in real love?

There is complete freedom with being ok with being flawed with ourselves and others. That is what unconditional love is. And in that is the ultimate freedom. When we can see that others are doing the best they know how, to see their behaviors as empty and drowning, its easier to not take it personally but to move to having compassion. Compassion is freedom. Everytime we are upset with someone we are saying " there is no love in the world but the tiny piece you are withholding from me right now". This is simply not true. The truth is there is an infinite supply of love waiting for us. The freedom comes from knowing where to get it, knowing who does have it for us and having complete compassion for those who don't. Flaws are the gifts that help us learn. We need each other to see ourselves.

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Sharon A Winningham, Certified Real Love Coach
I am a Religious Scientist, Mom, Seminar Speaker, Teacher, Realtor, Salsa dancer and Real "lover". It's all about Real Love.