If you want to live a life along with your family and friends then one thing that is must be required is money. Basically, that money is earned via only two concepts and that is either Business or Job. If you are belonging from a rich family only then you would be able to do business or in case you have any expertise in any field then, you can present your self as a service provider and earn money.

Upper share case of doing business is opted by very few people cause most of them either do not have any expertise or does not have money to invest. Into this scenario, you will Do Job.

Now, the question is what type of Job would be best for you. Remember choosing your Job category is very much difficult. Still, you have to pay complete attention onto this as one wrong mistake will going to sacrifice many years from your life.

Fixed jobs are main categories in two sections Government Job and Private Job. Both the sectors are very much popular and enough to make you a successful and wealthy person. Still, there are so many things that you had to scarifies while doing a Fixed time Job.

Freelance Job is like you will work whenever you want and in your own style. You have to follow only those rules that are set by you and you can change it anytime. As per your requirement and comfort zone.

Into this article we are going to tell you some interesting things that will help you to decide either you had to go for Freelancer Job or Full-Time Job: -

1). Time: -In full-time job, you had to fulfill your task on a daily basis and had to give a fixed number of hours from your daily life that will never go to come back for serving your office. Whereas in Freelance you can work as much you want. Like in the case on Monday you do not want to work you can take an off and complete your task on Monday night or on Tuesday. Also, for doing this you do not have to take the permission of anybody.

2). Work Type or category: -In a full-time job you have to complete the task provided by your upline either you want to do it or not. Yes, sometimes that feels really bad and worse. Whereas in Freelance you have the choice to select a task or project you want to do or not. That will save your mind from being stress and also it will make you feel good and your task will be completed in less time. As you are happy with doing that.

3). Job Security: -In a full-time job there is job security until you will obey all the orders provided by your upline. You will get paid on monthly basis. Whereas in Freelance your Job security has belonged to your skills. If you deliver your task on time and with quality then you will keep getting regular work. Else you will be Jobless.

4). Income: - In full-time job your income will be fixed. Yes, there are few sections onto which you will receive incentive like as Sales but still, you will receive a fixed amount of income whereas in Freelance you will receive earning as per your work. If you do more hard work then you will make more income.

We hope that you will be able to decide that into which sector you have to proceed or which form of job you have to start. In case you are looking for a fixed Job, you can search it on Naukri.com and in case you are looking for a Freelance Job you can click here Freelance Jobs & Services.

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