Studying is a difficult job. It requires a lot of activity, focus and time management. Taking breaks from the studying is also important as anything else. For me, being a student is a full time work. To manage my time as a freelancer along with my study is the daunting task that I face. I am a psychology student, studying in a university.

I spend my free hours in freelancing. My routine is simple yet it requires intense time management. Therefore, today I am going to write essay for me about how to utilize time to freelance while being a university student. 

The first rule is quite simple. It is related to the time management. Every university has a specific class schedule a university student has enough time in a day to spare some hours.

It is on the utility of the spare hours, which decide if a person can excel as a freelancer, or not. The utilization of the free time in productive work leads to better outcomes for the students. Second rule is to find a suitable website on which the work is accessible in the free hours.

There are multiple websites, which allow students to work in their limited hours on their platform. The third rule is the picking and utilizing the skill for freelancing. In freelancing, there is different kind of work available. It is now, based on the ability and the skill of the person, what kind of work is best pick for him/her.

The next rule is the ability to pick the right amount of work and to be able to complete it in given amount of time. It is the trickiest part. Sometimes the work is tough, sometimes it is easy. It requires a consistent effort to maintain the work pace. However, once the work pace is settled, a person naturally gets the work and develops the ability to work as a freelancer. 

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