Pelvic inflammation is just not unfamiliar to women. It is a common gynecological disease among women. In recent years, the incidence of pelvic inflammation has increased year by year, which in turn causes women to be very afraid.

So, that's prone to pelvic inflammation? What are the the signs of pelvic inflammation? How should we prevent this condition inside our daily life? To solve these problems, let's take a look at the following introduction.

Who is prone to pelvic inflammation?

1. Sexual uncleanness, or excessive or premature sex will increase the incidence of pelvic inflammation, so we should pay attention to keeping our bodies clean in life.

This disease are often the existence of male diseases on the other side, causing pelvic inflammation in women.

2. People who often wear tight clothes, usually women want to wear tight pants, which isn't great for all facets of the body's blood flow. We should choose loose clothes once we wear clothes.

3. Do not do good hygiene and cleaning. During menstruation, it is necessary to change hygienic articles regularly. Underwear needs to be washed separately to avoid germs, infection for the vagina and vaginitis, that may cause pelvic inflammation.

Pelvic inflammation can often be related to vaginitis, which is directly related to non-public hygiene and poor immunity.

The main clinical manifestations of pelvic inflammation are fever and minimize abdominal pain, increased menstruation, increased leucorrhea, headache, chills, frequency of urination, urgency of urination, abdominal distension, diarrhea, etc.

Plant herbs such as Fuyan Pill could be taken orally, it not just gets the function of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, but in addition can increase the local the circulation of blood, help the body's immunity and also have better therapeutic effect.

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People who often wear tight clothes, usually many women like to wear tight pants, which is not good for all aspects of the body's blood circulation. We should choose loose clothes when we wear clothes.