Acknowledging an addiction and committing the self to rehab takes a lot of courage and truthfulness. Naturally, people who are contemplating a drug rehab program have a lot of questions on their minds and these are answered below. Read on to put your fears of drug rehab to rest.

What is addiction rehabilitation?

Rehabs are considered as structured treatment programs aimed at helping the individuals who are struggling with drug addiction. Rehabs can help addicts work towards a happy, healthy and sober lifestyle.

What happens in addiction rehab?

The addiction rehab program is tailored to the needs of the individual. This will involve a combination of detoxification, group and individual substance abuse therapy and also include relapse prevention education. You can also expect aftercare planning to ensure long term sobriety post release from the rehabilitation center.

What is detox?

Detox is an important and early component of any drug rehabilitation program. During the process of detox the body rids itself of the toxic influences of drugs and alcohol. The detox experience is not a pleasant one and there will be periods of extreme unpleasantness, but it is vital that individuals go through it if they are to have hopes of regaining their sobriety. Rehab centers have trained personnel who can assist with individualized care and medication during the detox procedure.

What is substance abuse therapy?

After detox is completed, the rehab continues with different kinds of behavioral therapeutic interventions. Individuals in rehab participate in group and individual therapy sessions to recognize and address the true underlying cause behind their addiction. Substance abuse therapy also will educate individuals on identifying high risk situations and triggers, and teach them relapse prevention strategies to help maintain sobriety.

What happens in aftercare?

As the individual progresses with recovery, and he nears the end of the rehab program, the rehab staff will work in tandem with the patient to develop a suitable aftercare plan. This will include combinations of support groups, ongoing therapy, as well as sober living arrangements if required. The aftercare programming is essential to recovering addicts because it frames their schedules after release from rehab.

How long does rehab take?

There is no set time for the individual to complete rehab. Some rehab facilities offer 30 day programs, some also offer 60 day and 90 day programs and many individuals benefit from the long term rehab programs. When determining the course of rehab, the trained professionals will evaluate many different factors including the severity of the problem, any mental or medical histories and also the spiritual needs of the individual.

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