Transgender are present throughout the globe. Regardless of their racial recognition, community, caste, they have the life same as a normal human being has.

Fact: In the United States of America, approximately 1.4 million adults are transgender.

Today, being transgender isn't a curse. It is a new normal for human beings, and in many countries, this community is being uplifted for equality. So, moving a step towards them, we share some frequently asked questions related to transgender.

What is Transgender?

Transgender, also named 'Trans,' are the people with distinct gender identities compared to normal human beings. Transgender are hard to see at the time of birth. More often doctor declares them male or female based on how their body responds and look like.

The normal human phenomenon is child labeled as a male grows with male identity, and some are the children that are labeled as women. However, transgender is mistaken at the time of birth and adopt the opposite gender identity afterward. Many transgender who grow up as women were initially labeled as a baby boy! However, their body responded more with the female gender, and hence such body change makes them transgender.

How is transgender different from normal people?

Well, there isn't any difference between transgender and normal human from the outer preface. What make them different is their gender identity and what their body says. Today, the culture to distinguish transgender is omitted from society, and transgender people are free to live with the same recognition as normal beings' lives.

What makes them different is the mindset of old believes. With growing knowledge, the mental difference between them has completely changed, and now they are treated as normal human beings. Nowadays, transgender dating has become common, and that has brought a rise in demand for transgender dating sites.

How is transgender different from intersex?

Transgender and intersex are the two different phases that many people use mistakenly. Under intersex, the doctor isn't able to decide the typical definition of a male or female. This state is discovered at the time of birth. On the other hand, transgender has gender identity issues where they are labeled as male at the time of birth, but female hormones outrank the male hormones, and hence they grew more like a woman.

People are mostly confused between these two terms. It's possible to be transgender and intersex, but this isn't a normal scenario. In most cases, transgender and intersex are different.

E.g., an intersex may have XX chromosomes but don't have a uterus. This internal change isn't visible from the outside but can be examined at the time of birth.

Whether you are a transgender person or an ordinary being, this article will help you a lot in upbringing society with equality and living all together without distinguishing anyone based on gender.

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