Fresh Coffee Beans are used for making Green Coffee Bean Extract. GCB Extract contains Chlorogenic Acid that reduces fat storage in your body. Unlike normal coffee beans, GCB aren’t roasted under high temperature, they are instead soaked in water and then concentrated. The taste and smell of Green Coffee Bean is completely different. There are various brands of GCB extract available online however it’s advisable to do a bit of research before buying this fat loss product.

Recently, the fat burning properties of Green Coffee vs green tea Bean Extract was featured on Dr. Oz show which totally gave them enough popularity. Health magazines worldwide started writing about these magical beans. The product is new hence there are very less testimonials and reviews available. GCB Extract can be taken up without changing your lifestyle. It’s a very convenient weight loss protocol. GCB extract are available in the form of capsules. You should take one capsule daily. Apart from the fat burning properties, GCB Extract also has other health benefits like it combats free radicals by acting as powerful anti-oxidant; GCB Extract also boosts your metabolism to burn fat.

There are no side effects associated with this dietary supplement however dieters are advised not to take more than 2 tabs daily for losing weight continuously. GCB Extract contains no caffeine. Every year a new weight loss product comes to market with tall claims but most of them don’t live up to their expectations. It will be very early to predict the success of this product too. Dieters are already discussing about this product in various diet forums and social networking sites. People are experiencing results. It’s advisable to maintain a regular healthy routine for attaining maximum weight loss with this product. With GCB Extract, Dieters are supposed to lose 2-3 pounds weekly.

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