In recent weeks, more and more alarming reports have appeared about the rise in food prices. Those who have to make do with a limited income often skimp on food. This can have negative consequences for nutritional status and therefore also for general health. Research has shown that obesity and type 2 diabetes are more common in low-income, low-educated groups.

Several studies have been conducted to prove that a balanced diet generally costs more than an unhealthy diet. Fatty or sugar-rich foods are cheap sources of energy; while less energy-rich but nutritionally richer foods such as meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables are more expensive sources of calories.

Health Benefits of Fresh Fruits

Do you eat fruit regularly? Smart! This way you get mountains of useful nutrients for your body. Fruit is good for your health and reduces the risk of chronic diseases. Not convinced yet? Eat according to the season and discover how delicious (and budget-friendly) fruit can be. We have listed a few but major health benefits of eating fresh fruits.

  • Fruit gives you the necessary energy to easily maintain an active day.
  • Fruit ensures higher fat burning and is a responsible snack.
  • Fruit protects our immune system and reduces the risk of flu.
  • Fresh fruits have high moisture content and protect the skin from dehydration.

Which fruits do you eat best?

All fresh fruit is healthy. That is why they are in the dark green zone of the food triangle. Choose from the following varieties:

  • Citrus fruits: orange, grapefruit, mandarin, lemon, lime.
  • Pome fruits: apple, pear.
  • Stone fruits: cherry, peach, nectarine, apricot, plum.
  • Soft fruits: currant, grape, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry.
  • Exotic fruits: banana, kiwi, pineapple, mango.

Do not always pick the same type of fruits from the basket, but vary between the types of the season.

What You Need To Know?

  • Dried and freeze-dried fruits are not preferred because you easily eat more of them and they contain fewer vitamins than fresh fruit.
  • Fruit juices and smoothies contain moisture and other nutrients, but less fiber and more sugars than fresh fruit. That is why they are in the gray zone.
  • Jam and other derivatives do not contain much fruit anymore and can therefore not be regarded as fruit. In addition, they are bursting with (added) sugar.

Vegetables and fruit

Choose fruit and vegetables with a large supply (seasonal products) are low in price. Find out what fruits are in season in Florida and choose smartly as per your budget. This also automatically creates variation. When calculating the price per kilogram, take into account the amount of waste you have left after cleaning the vegetables.

Unprepared frozen and canned vegetables are good
alternatives to fresh and often cheaper. They are quick and easy to prepare, tasty and nutritious, easy to dose, offer variety, and have a long shelf life. They no longer have to be cleaned and therefore do not generate any waste (loss): buying 300g is 300g on your plate.

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Misty Jhones