People have a hard time figuring out which career path to take or how should they make a career plan when they graduate from college or maybe switching from one job to another. Which is why I thought of making your job simpler by providing some points which will help the students or the professionals to stay on course by building a career plan and stay focussed in developing a successful career.

It's a human tendency that you start thinking about your career when you think the time is right. You might want to design your plan to overcome all the roadblocks in your way before you even step on to that path.

So before you go ahead constructing your own plan and applying to one of those fresher jobs, what you should do is evaluate yourself and then draw a conclusive plan for your future.

I have some points listed down for you that might be of great use to you that will help you create the perfect roadmap for your career and how you should implement it with perfection.

1) Identify The Alternatives:
You can begin by creating a refined list of career alternatives depending upon what your interests are and what skills do you have. You can only do this by assessing yourself. Narrow your options down by doing some research on companies and talking to experienced professionals who work in the field that interests you.

2) Prioritize Your Options:
After listing out all your options you should learn how to prioritize it.
You have a plethora of career options right in front of you but FIRST you have to assess yourself as I mentioned above. You need to ask yourself questions like "Which area are you most interested in?", "Is that field good enough to test your skills on?", "Is it challenging enough to grow your intellect?", "What is the location?", "A big salary?". You can ask as many questions as you want to yourself but the main point here is that you need to develop yourself in a way that you figure out what the game-setter is.

3) Consider Other Factors:
You have chosen the field that you want your career to flourish. I get it! But you also need to start weighing up other options apart from the field that you chose as a backup. You need to do the same things that you did to find your first preference. Start by researching if there is any demand in this field(the alternate one). Check the qualifications required. Check if you require any additional training or certification to kick start your career in this field. The most important thing is to figure out the outcome and the obstacles of each option that you consider.

4) Make that Decision:
Now that you know which career path to take out of other possible alternatives, it's time that you make a decision as to which path is the most suitable for you. Your decision completely depends on where your comfort level lies. Let's just say, you are a fresher and at the very first stage of your career. You might want to have several options under your bin which also increases the number of opportunities that you would have. You can later narrow down your options depending upon compatibility and make that ONE decision which will be very helpful with your college search or job search.

Your priorities will change from point to point and no need to go haywire behind it because it's completely normal. The most important thing is to be realistic about your goals and keep realistic expectations. List down all the possible action points to be taken while you achieve your goals and tick them off as you go ahead completing them. Feel free to make amendments to your career plan because it cannot be stable for a long time. It will change.

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