Friendships click of fingers”.

“Will I ever be invited to be your friends by any means? To know each other by click of a finger other side of the Worlds? It's easy to click in computers or laptop but difficult to believe in a 'Click of a finger Friendships?' I don't know the reasons myself why?

Other than, today not my, his, or her, enemy of all. By knowing you leave me no signs of friendship in memory of love but to regrets in life, when I realized my friendships were died under the lists of spasms. My dear click of a distant Friendship why?

It's not your faults but mines to add your name under the Friendship lists. By ignoring the messengers of appointed Almighty Lord Representatives in these cruel Worlds of lust. I now trust it's better to lives alone without Friendship click of fingers at all.

You may not but I may be cruel to discharge your name ever under the lists of spasms? Before not I but you ever suffer under the symptoms of depression when you realize your name has been listed under the not novel prize winner honour list but spasms.

Try in life to spend if not minute but seconds, without British medical tablets 'Seroxat' in the name of your own appointed Almighty Lord in the universes. Even if they ever passed away. You may be smart sharing not information's of modern technology of an ordinary person's life but not sharing the Holy Saints.

To clear your States clearance visa for coming seasons ahead. Prepare your permanent residents in love not search internet 'click of a relationships' the blinds loves never will last but in tears with packets of tablets 'Risperdone' with N.H.S. Free packet of condoms in your lonely life. Then don't you ever blame your distant Friendships nor Relationships you ever committed in Virtue to build in your life.

When Almighty God says...“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinner, Christ died for us”—(Romans: 5: 8). The sinners to search not Internet 'click of a fingers friendship' for but Churches my love to clear our sins under the lists of spasms, not your friendship? Today I realized your commitment of mistake in life by having not book of English poems, “The Islands Historia De Amor” but Holy Bible at home!

I regret and sympathize, if I ever could not be your friends in this cruel world of lust. But I cry alone to be your friends of none but all. May almighty Lord never isolate from your lovers or love in this worlds. Nor ever your name listed under the medical 'Intensive Care Units' or 'Royal Hospital for Nero-Disability' Hospital Lists. Please my Lord by any cost. Regardless of colour of cast, origins, races, or nationalities.

To search into internet why click of a fingers unknown friendships at all? Where there is friend's around close to your own home town, every day peoples met in local Churches to make not new friends. But to worship in love. To build not dreams castle with sands but Environment in love. Don't take University graduate, Political Ministers, words nor mines but Holy Bible your Lord.

Then you will finds Tablets of medications for your symptoms you are suffering for 'Click of a Friendship in internet or in Face book' search not internet but Almighty Lord, who ever was in this living cruel worlds?

My death is victory in this world of hatred, blinks of eyes if you ever know the reasons why? You will then never ask me to be your friend's click of a computer relationship other than to invite myself to local Churches there is every one friend known as 'Allah' not his or her friend but will it be ever mine?”

The Author of:
'The Islands Historia De Amor' &
'Nil Dariar Prem'.

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Author Abdul Haye Amin bilingual's author of book of poetry. In English and in Bangla. Visit my websites for more details: