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What is the one thing that every success story has in common? It is, “I was here in this circumstance and I went to there in a new circumstance.” From here to there has a thread that you can follow. Successful people think a certain way. Not every one gets from here to there the same way but they know the path. Even the current science explains how and why from here to there is the success formula you must embrace to get what you want…and more.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of Breaking the Habit of Being Your Self addresses the science of changing the mind to know something new. He talks about developing the frontal lobe with new images, thoughts, feelings and ideas of what you want – but don’t have yet.

He suggests that you take time to recognize what you don’t have and then concentrate with your imagination on visualizing and imaging what you do want and imagine that you are living it right now and in the future. This works for a couple of reasons. First, brain science has proven that there is little difference in what you experience and what you imagine. In other words when you consistently imagine a great new outcome of success for yourself your brain chemistry begins to fire in agreement with that new idea.

Next, as you fire new chemicals new neural connections are formed in the brain with the idea that it is real. Your success you imagine is real to your mind and body. And then something very natural and magical happens. Your brain biology and mind come together in new patterns to actually develop the success you have been imagining.

In my book, The One Command, I also address creating something from just an idea into the real material world. It happens a little quicker than in Dr. Joe’s process but all the same elements are inherent in the process. In The One Command you learn to access your theta brain wave – that portion of your mind where your imagination runs rampant – where you think and imagine your life every day and every night in your REM (rapid eye movement) sleep state.

Dr. Joe wants you to imagine every day for 45-minutes or more on what you want to create so that new neural connections can be developed, especially in the frontal lobe portion of your brain. And focusing with great emotion on what you want for your success is the path of ultimate success; however, when you Command your brain with your new idea of success while in theta it instantly disconnects the inhibitions to that success while forming new biochemistry to form new neural connections for your success.
Let me break it down a little more.

Stating The One Command while in theta is a super highway to implementing your imagination. When you speak directly to your subconscious programming (found in your theta brain state) it doesn’t take 45 minutes to change it. It only takes moments. The first piece is then put into place. You have created a new idea of your success in the present now and probable future. Now when you imagine that success as a feeling, picture or string of words describing it to yourself you are building on a foundation you have created – a strong platform for it’s arrival.

Here again we can apply the science behind the idea so frequently stated that you create your reality. Ask yourself how does anything come into physical matter? The answer is of course through an idea. Everything that is man made has arrived from someone’s conception of it before it materialized. The same is true of intangibles such as success, financial freedom, happiness, or health but that often is more difficult to comprehend. So let’s go quantum for a moment and state the theorem that observation does change reality and as some of the top quantum physicists often say - we may even be creating our idea of ourselves as well? I know that one is a little beyond me at this moment but what is clearly established in my personal experience is that I can not have a new level of success or another experience of my body and or my health until I consciously direct my imagination, mind and spirit to that result.

Stated another way, imagine that your life is a sixteen-lane highway in which you drive across the lanes back and forth and to and from but that there are also an infinite number of other lanes that you have never driven yet. Does that mean they don’t exist or simply that you have not found them to drive upon? And in the new science your power is absolute in not creating anything that you don’t believe is possible. Your brain and mind will simply not let it into your conscious awareness. The inhibitors to your “real life” are the protective mechanisms of the brain and biology to not let you get overwhelmed or over stimulated with the millions of bits of information circling you every moment. The brain and mind make decisions on what is appropriate for you to
experience based on what you have been taught it to believe.

Stick with me here because this gets pretty simple. If you can only experience what you believe to be possible then it is an easy leap to say – OK then I’ll start imagining new things to be possible.

And you would be right. For me, it took years to improve my circumstances because it didn’t make sense to me to be told to imagine another future of my greater success to make it mine. And even when I embraced that idea I ran out of imaging steam about 5 minutes after I started to consciously imagine.

Now this process of imagination does make sense because I understand why it is happening. I am biologically rewriting new possibilities before they appear in my physical world and when I can make that happen in six-easy steps and by my Command - a process that takes about 3-5 minutes then I’m all for it.

The, from here to there formula also incorporates this time proven formula. When you start to imagine something new for yourself go beyond what you can consciously know. In fact, you cannot know what you want for a greater experience if you have never had that experience yet. Try this one on. Think about something you don’t know anything about. UHHH the brain goes what?

Now think about a level of success beyond what you imagine your top level of success to be. Imagine it with color and sound and some future celebration and then let that go and command; I don't know how I am the living embodiment of this level of success or greater. I only know it is so now and I am fulfilled.

It is a fact that what you are creating in your thinking right now is your present and future possibilities realized. To create new possibilities then you must become as that little child, curious open interested and excited about something good arriving –not even knowing that level of good yet.

Receiving that good is the completion of the journey from here to there. From here in this level of my suffering or less good than I want - to there where it is realized is a well-defined path. Letting it arrive and recognizing while receiving that you did that – that you deserved that and that you received that in gratitude cements the deal.

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