Soy milk is a very popular non-dairy milk alternative that is enjoyed by vegans, people who are lactose intolerant, and those who have concerns about the impact of their food choices on the environment.

Soy milk tends to have a mild, creamy flavour. The exact taste depends largely on the brand that you buy and what soy milk recipe they follow, but many people enjoy soy milk as it is typically sweeter than other non-dairy milk alternatives. It also doesn’t have the same grainy aftertaste that other milk alternatives can have.

It pairs particularly well with coffee and is favoured by baristas as it can create a silky texture that is typically reserved for dairy milk.

How soy milk is made
The process of making soy milk has been refined over hundreds of years. The drink can be traced back to the 14th century, where an early form of soymilk was enjoyed throughout China.

By the early 20th century, the milk alternative had become more widely known throughout the world. In the 1910s, a Chinese biologist opened up the first soy milk factory in France. His timing could not have been more perfect — over the next forty years, two world wars would mean that preserved food sources, such as some soy milk products, would be in high demand.

These days, soy milk is made in large scale industrial manufacturing plants. This differs dramatically from hundreds of years ago, when farmers would have followed their own soy milk recipe to produce their version of the drink.

Typically, the soybeans will be picked from the plant before being soaked and ground. This process forms a paste that is boiled and strained to produce the milk product.

Additional vitamins and minerals are often added to this mixture to ensure it is as nutritious as possible. Soy milk is unique amongst plant alternatives in that it contains all nine essential amino acids, meaning it is an excellent source of protein for vegans and those following a plant based diet.

Get some soy into your life!
Now you know how soy milk is made, the next question is how you can incorporate more soy into your diet!

The good news is that this goal is relatively easy. There is a reason soy milk is one of the world’s most popular non-dairy alternatives. Not only does it taste great but it is an easy substitute for regular dairy milk in all of your favourite recipes and beverages.

Here’s a few ways you can increase your daily soy intake:

● Bake with soy: With its mild taste and creamy texture, soy milk can easily take the place of dairy milk when baking cakes, muffins, and cookies.
● Soy smoothies: Smoothies are a great way of getting an extra serving of fruit and vegetables. Simply substitute the dairy component of the drink for soy milk!
● Soy milk custard: Those who are lactose intolerant often have to make sacrifices when it comes time for dessert. Not when soy milk custard is on the menu!

There you have it! Soy milk is considered by many to be the drink of the future — try some today to see why!

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