Last week I heard a woman interviewed on our local “personal development” radio station. She had just returned from a retreat with a Master. She was asked what was the most powerful transformation she had experienced during the retreat. She answered that she now felt more like the Master, whom she described as living his life, “totally in service” and as being, “completely self-less”. I thought, “What’s the problem with having a self?”

A big part of the metaphysical paradigm has been the idea of being in service. It is believed that it is the highest spiritual expression to be in service to others, whether one is serving humanity, the planet or even Spirit or God. Likewise, it is believed that to be self-centered is not a good or “spiritual” thing. After all, it is this self-centeredness (which is construed as meaning greedy and uncaring) that has caused all the abuse and pollution of the people and our planet, right?

There is an unusual dichotomy to this philosophy. I know it well, as I was raised in Berkeley, CA in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. This time and place was the birth of the hippy/organic/”righteously poor” mentality. My parents were divorced and my mother attended UC Berkeley. We lived in a tiny, subsidized apartment, used food stamps and sometimes ate food from the garbage cans behind the local grocery store. “After all, only half of the cantaloupe is rotten, the rest is just fine!” We were surrounded by families who were equally poor, and righteous about being poor. We were the “good people”, and unlike the “evil, greedy rich”, we cared about the planet and wanted to be of service to humanity.

But, the underlying energy was that we were somehow better people because we were poor and in service. We were spiritually superior to the greedy, self-centered rich people. This type of mentality is still evident in most of the metaphysical/New Age beliefs (and there is a lot of spiritual competition going on). During the Age of Pisces (circa 498 AD to 2,650 AD) there is a belief that what Spirit really wants of us is to be “in service” and to sacrifice (think of Jesus). It is the height of spirituality to be a selfless healer. Many of us have lived our lives trying to fulfill our missions. We feel that we are here for a purpose and that purpose is to help with the planets ascension. I am not suggesting that this in not true, or that it is not valuable. My only question is about how we are supposed to fulfill our purpose.

Let’s look at this logically. If we assume the highest goal of spirituality is to be “in service”, then what we must try to help other people achieve a similarly high level of spirituality, to be “in service”. But what happens when everyone is in service? Who will be there to be served? What will we do when there is not anyone who needs our help?

In order to be in service there has to be someone to be served, and that person needs to have something about them that is broken, hurt or injured. If there wasn't something "wrong" with him, then he wouldn't need our healing or our service. Unfortunately, if you perceive someone as being "broken, hurt or injured" then you are projecting that reality on them. You are actually reinforcing that reality! That is not going to help.

I have a very simple definition of a Master. A Master is someone who is willing to see within themselves that on one level s/he is already a Master, and a Master also sees that truth in others. Every single person on this planet has an aspect that is a Master. It might be called the Higher Self, Greater Self, Oversoul, True Self or God Self. In the ascension process, we are shifting our perspective of self from the small self / local human to the Greater Self / Oversoul. It is the Greater Self that remembers all the lives and all the parallel realities. When you remember past lives, you are shifting your awareness of self to that expanded level. The out-picture or physical reality does not define you. It is not required, or even possible in the current time, to have the "perfect" body, relationships, work or back account. It is your state of mind or state of being that matters. It is not the circumstances, but how you respond to them that defines you.

When you see someone as being a Master (not as damaged and needing your help or service) it is a fabulous gift to them! It is an invitation for them to see themselves that way also. Your vision is an inspiration to them!

I was taught as a little girl that I shouldn’t let people know how really smart I was, especially boys. I was told that it would make them feel bad and then they wouldn’t like me. I was also not supposed to want to be the center of attention, to be admired. I followed that advice for a lot of my life. Underneath all this (as well as the service energy) is the assumption that other people are less than us. They are less smart, less evolved and/or less spiritual. Otherwise they wouldn’t need our service. I wasn’t supposed to make those poor people feel bad by being smart and fabulous. As you can imagine, and probably have experienced in your own life, this is not a very fulfilling way to live.

I believe, as most metaphysical people I know believe, that eventually we will all ascend. We will transform into beautiful, powerful spiritual beings. We will once again become True Creators. The brave souls who are at the leading edge of the process have the duty and desire to help the ones who follow. But, I also believe that the game has changed from what we anticipated it would be when we came into these lives. Somehow, we did the unexpected, our “Train of Evolution” as switched tracks. This new track has grand and expanded possibilities that were not possible on the original track. In the new game it is no longer appropriate to be self-less servers and humble healers. In the new game the highest spiritual expression is to be self-full, to embody more of our self, our Greater Self, while still being in physical reality. In the new game, the new energy, our role is to be the model, the standard and the inspiration.

Let’s look at the definitions from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:

Serve: Middle English, from Anglo-French servir, from Latin servire “to be a slave”
Definition: To be a servant.

Inspire: Middle English, from Anglo-French & Latin; Anglo-French inspirer, from Latin inspirare, from in- + spirare “to breathe”
Definition: to influence, move, or guide by divine or supernatural inspiration.

Words carry the energy of their original meanings. For instance, the word “want” originally meant “to lack of”, so when you say, “I want to be abundant!” there is the underlying energy of “I lack of being abundant!” It is important to pay attention to what you say. Personally, I would much prefer the energy of ”to breathe” and “influence, move or guide by divine inspiration”, than “to be a slave” or “be a servant”.

As we enter the Age of Aquarius there is a new way of expressing our spirituality. Aquarius brings in true compassion which is that ability to see the Master within each person regardless of their very human experiences that can be limiting and upsetting, Aquarius is all about uniqueness, innovation, far out and futuristic thinking and inventions, and collaboration. Can you imagine what it would be like if everybody was willing to be and express their own amazing Master / God Self? Can you imagine if the teachers and healers gave up their missions and started living from a place of joy?

A few years ago I realized that I was carrying a mission to hold this world together. The last world that I felt responsible for was destroyed, literally blown up and eventually became the asteroid belt. I vowed that I wouldn’t let that happen to this one! Let me tell you, that mission was exhausting and very painful for my body. I asked Gaia if it was her desire that I keep “holding her together”. The answer was, “NO!” It wasn’t needed. If anything, what she needed was for me to release all those diminishing beliefs and missions for they limit the amount of light and joy I can have and bring to the planet. Since I un-created that mission, I have been able to create and receive a more expanded and joyful vision. I feel inspired and empowered in a new and satisfying way. When I work with people, it is really fun for me. I see their amazing possibilities instead of seeing their problems and weaknesses. Instead of trying to heal people, I point to the way around or through the obstacle, I show them the potential they have within. I love hearing things like, “Just to be in your presence is transformative”, or “I always feel better when I talk to you, even if we are just chatting”. This is the power of Inspiration!

Will you let go of those definitions of your self so you can be more of your Self? Do you have a mission are you ready to release? Are you ready to live from a place of fun and inspiration instead of being in self-less service?

Author's Bio: 

Sarah Biermann is an internationally renowned Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Channel, and is the founder of ImagiCreation. Clairvoyant and highly empathic, she works directly with the language of the unconscious mind to clear and transform limiting beliefs, implants, past life material and much more.