Ever wonder how the body goes from food on the fork to building your physique? Protein is the major key and here are the 5 steps it takes for protein to become muscle.
aminoStep 1. Once your finish your meal, enzymes in the stomach and small intestine break apart protein to form what is called peptides. These are chains of amino acids that are used as the "bricks" by your body to re-grow muscle fibers. The harder you train, the more they are required.

liverStep 2. After this, the amino acids are moved directly to your liver, which then sends then back into the bloodstream for quick "foo" for your now-hungry muscles. Your body is a very effective machine so to speak, moving exact substances to exact locations.

wellness, hgh plus, david orman, order hghStep 3. Imagine your muscles as long fibers, kind of line cable wires. Training (ex/ weight training) causes small tears that signal your immune system to send out stem cells and growth hormone to repair the damaged area. In addition to these vital materials, amino acids are then used to repair the damaged areas.

hghStep 4. Your DNA acts as a director so to speak. It calls for specific amino acids and then directs where they should be sent. Your combination of HGH, stem cells and amino acids are used to weave fresh bundles of protein filament, critical to muscle contraction. In short, these 3 are used to fix the micro-tears and create new muscle.

muscleStep 5. The newly created myofibrils fuse with the damaged areas of muscle. They help to repair the damage and make the muscles bigger and stronger in the process.

Doc's Thoughts: This of course is a very simplified, but easy to understand process of how protein along with training forms muscle.
If you are looking to add muscle (which in the process, will help burn fat) the most effective protocol I have ever come across is the following:
2g of L-Glutamine, post training
Doc Wellness supplement, prior to bed and before lunch
Ashwaganda, one hour prior to working out.
In order, glutamine helps to rebuild muscle, Doc Wellness helps to elevate HGH and Ashwaganda will provide energy and testosterone prior to working out.
If you want to rebuild your body, this is the ideal for most. If you are interested in more precise or personalized care, contact me at David@DocWellnessWorld.com.

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