The first rule to a successful Network Marketing business is to add value to people's lives. Without value you become like the other thousand MLMers out there who want nothing more than to sell you. They don't care whether you make it or not, they just care that they make their quota for the month. You can not be like this if you hope to start a successful Network Marketing business!

We live in a world where people try to sell us anything and everything. We are constantly bombarded with stuff that we need to buy and upgrades that we need to get, and for the most part we are suckered into such deals. However, a resentment towards such things is starting to build in the people now days. We are beginning to see how we are not treated like customers anymore, but rather greedy consumers, and maybe we are in a way greedy consumers, but we are definitely starting to wake up from our hypnotic state! No longer are we just doing things to do things. We want to feel like we did something important with the decisions we make, and we want to make a difference in people's lives.

A new term that you will here from us from now on is Social Entrepreneur, because it is the core of what we are and what we do. A Social Entrepreneur is a business person who constructs his business around not only adding value to people's lives but also helping those in need. It's sorta like a humanitarian running a business. A Social Entrepreneur fundamentally sets up every building block of his business to not only make profit but also to help people around us who are less fortunate than us. To be a Social Entrepreneur you must be able to go against the grain and reach out to those around you in everything you do.

So how is it possible to incorporate a business model with a humanitarian mind? Well, for it to be successful you must start or find a business who has the same beliefs as you do, and that might be harder than it seems.

There are very few businesses that truly care about the people around them, and even less who are willing to reach out and try to make a difference. Sure there are some who pretend to help. They go and give food and water to needy children, but you have to ask yourself are they really trying to fix the problem or are they making it worse?

If you have read any of my wife and I's articles than you probably know by now that Malnutrition is something very serious to us. We understand how bad Malnutrition is in the world and how many people are affected by it everyday. In fact, we have built our whole businesses around fighting it, but what you probably didn't know is that we use Social Entrepreneurship to battle it as well. We teamed up with a company that tries to fix the problem, and it definitely doesn't send nutrition depleted, over processed, food to hungry kids We understand that giving kids food with no nutrients in it doesn't help the problem it makes it worse! They are starving not just from a lack of food, but from a lack of the vital nutrients they need to survive, so why would we give them food that has no nutrients in it. That would be dumb of us, yet most companies today do just that.

It is time for a wake up call! We should be asking ourselves what we can do to help rather than sitting by and watching it get out of hand. People this is not just a problem overseas. It is an world wide epidemic, and it can be fixed with a joint effort of Social Entrepreneurs just like you! You might not have ever heard of that term before, but I know that most of you are Social Entrepreneurs waiting to break out of your shells. Now is that time! Team up with us and lets try to make a difference one person at a time!

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