Tom Wright

After any type of rejection at all, how many times have we all asked ourselves the automatically programmed question "Why are things the way they are?" Or even more to the point, "What's the reason for this?" Think about it. If you truly answered either of these questions with wisdom, truth, and clarity, what would you get? You would get the answer to why things are the way they were. Who would want to know that? Someone interested in knowing how to keep things the way they are maybe! Yet when we ask that question, usually it's because we are frustrated over the way things are and want to change them. What then, if we truly desire success, would be a more valuable question to re-train ourselves to ask? How about, "Given the way things just went, how can I now have things turn out the way I want them to?" This is called a key leverage question.

Asking the right question has the effect of shifting our perspectives from that of victim to victor, all without having to go through any intense life-changing processes or long, drawn-out procedures. When first confronted with rejection slips from publishers, I always asked, "What's wrong with those people?" or, "Can't they see how good my work is?" The truth was, they couldn't! But why? Because I hadn't communicated its value clearly enough, in a way they could see this fact. Bingo! What a gift! Out of what was initially perceived as rejection, I was provided with the next question to ask in order to be successful: "How can I show them this value in a way they will see it?"

In this way, the "rejection" then shifted away from being some criticism about my work, which I knew was good, and instead onto their suggestion that I step up my efforts toward finding out how I could best communicate this fact to them! I discovered that the most valuable question to ask was "In what way can I more effectively communicate my work to editors so they will read it, love it, and then publish it?" A small shift in the question I was asking, which yielded a huge difference in results! Leverage! If all you do is adopt the point of view of from rejection to suggestion you will have gained an immense advantage for your success! From rejection to suggestion! What a gift! And the only thing you can say to a gift is . . . Thank you!

After that point publishers, magazine editors, and book distributors began asking me for my books and articles. Don't let anyone tell you any different, there is no greater impetus for being inspired than your own success! Each individual success we have adds up to the most powerful means there is for disappearing our resistance to having it all, because once we get a taste of our piece of the limitless pie of abundance that The Universe is, we will always want more!

One of the important tools of this step by step process is to ask and then answer the important question "Am I willing?" Ask yourself if you are you willing to have it all! Regardless of the answer you come up with, until you are willing to have it all, you won't get it all! The good news is, it's you who has the ability at any one time to shift your willingness from no to yes. You've got the power!

The technique that will make this process the most effective is to take the time to breathe, relax, and then remember that each one of any set of steps we take has to be practiced over time. Give yourself that time, so that you will have time to actually manifest some of your short term goals, as well as start on your way to achieving your long term ones. There's nothing like seeing our own successes in the great middle of our lives in order to keep on being inspired in the application of these principles! Through the learning of, and then the practicing of, asking the right questions that produce success, we have given ourselves a valuable gift for life. Our lives! Because in failure or success, the process for the achievement of either is no different. The only thing that changes is what we're focusing on! From rejection to suggestion, a small shift with big results, it's called leverage!

The question is: "What questions will provide the necessary leverage for you to succeed?"

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Tom Wright is the creator of The One Penny Millionaire!™ web based seminar series, and the author of Be BAD! Do Good! How To Get What You Want In Spite Of Yourself! which is available at