This article is about a powerful reality-making tool, that most of us have been trained to undervalue and dismiss.

To initiate manifestation of an internal image, i.e. to make that image a reality, you must either, get inspired or get fearful by that image. In both cases you'll initiate manifestation of the attributes of this image in your life.

Life is created through images, by imagination and a couple of other things that are not the topic of this article.

In other words, your about to be manifested images are always powered either by fear or by inspiration (joy), no matter whether you do it in full awareness or not. If you power your images by fear, you will end up in a highly contracted, limited, low frequency, and painful reality. I will not discuss how to do it because the majority has already done it, greatly experimented with it, and many have earned a Phd in making things happen using this way of creation.

This article will explore the other way, where you create out of inspiration.

What they didn’t teach you in school, and what you want to teach yourself now, is to learn and practice creating and allowing desirable (inspiring) images of your life. Mind images will always be limited, rather uninspiring, and often based on either fear or competition. Heart and Soul images are big, inspiring, assume cooperation, and will expand further your imagination of yourself. Here is a scale, which you can use as a measuring tool, to determine how well you are using or not using the capacity of your imagination.

Need → Desire → Dream → Vision

To continue, let us first quickly define each of these four.

• Need - a short lived, very contracted and limited desire, that doesn’t allow and doesn’t assume any personal expansion or influence.

• Desire – an expanded and stable image of the possible piece of reality, that offers some space for expansion, and that has a capacity to slightly modify one’s reality.

• Dream - a harmonious set of expanded images offering a lot of space for personal expansion. This set of expanded images has a potential to greatly modify or transform one’s current reality.

• Vision (with a capital V) - a very stable and self sustainable set of images of a new reality, that offers plenty of space for personal expansion to the Vision owner, and to those who will be a part of that manifested Vision.

Vision has an embedded capacity to transform the existing reality. It is always powered by inspiration and inner joy, and supported by the Universe (but first, it should be supported by you). In a way, Vision is a Higher Self to a Dream. It walks you out and beyond all your current definitions of yourself and reality. And it is something that connects you to the Heart of Creation, which is broadcasting its images through your Heart into this reality.

While Dream is still somewhat “local”, Vision is rather “global” and transcends all your existing frames.

Your healthy life tendency would be to move towards Vision, through the use of Imagination.

Your current reality is simply a set of manifested images or “visions”, and the question is… whose images are these? Whose visions are you currently living? Are they all yours? Or you live the visions of society, your parents, kindergarten and school teachers, neighbors… anybody else?

How big are their visions? It is good to know because the size and nature of their vision determines the size and nature of their results. And if you chose or agreed to hold the same visions, expect to experience the same results.

Two, three, five or more people who achieve similar results either hold similar visions, or simply share the same one.

The majority takes and adapts the “templates of reality” for their life from mass media (mainly social TV and movies), and also, from family members, local communities, and religious institutions. Very few actively use the abundant resources and capacities of their imagination.

Just for fun, examine the plots of the songs you listen to, movies you regularly watch, books and stories you read (including newspaper ones), and also, the stories most of your friends share with you about their past and present. These stories are really your friends’ “Life Vision Statements.” Are they the ones you want to adapt and live?

No reality can be manifested without a stable set of images behind it. The definition of the Vision with a capital V has already been given. A vision with a small v - is also a set of stable images, but they are limited images that will create a limiting reality, since the very nature of these images allows limited space for expansion. So, a set of stable images can be a vision, or a Vision. It is important to know which one you hold.

If you don’t consciously create your Vision, chances are, someone else’s “vision” creates your reality, i.e. dictates what is possible and impossible for you.

A solution? Here it is. Get aware of what (or whose) visions you are currently living. Unplug yourself from the noise of mass media and other people stories. Go to the nature, or get to the quiet place, and find out what you could imagine as greater than it is now. From there go one level higher. Spend some time with yourself so you can pick up some of your heart images.

Many spend most of their quality time with their mobile, mp3 player, computer games, commercials, TV, friends, ipad, newspapers, and the list goes on. And yet, it will take you, not the TV, not ipad, not commercials, not newspapers, and not computer games, to radically change or expand the direction and nature of the images you are currently living.

The best news? Yep, here it is. Whatever and whoever’s images you have been living so far, nobody and nothing has taken away or cancelled your Creative Capacities and your Imagination! The fact that you haven’t used your Creative Abilities consciously and consistently does not mean you can’t do it now! So, here is a very short, but very practical action plan for you to implement.

Get aware of where you are now → Get inspired by what you want to be and experience (just allow the inspiring image to pop up or simply create it). And then… if the image really came from your Heart, while you think you are going for this image, it will actually be going for you. It will now be your Inspiring project with the Universe and all Her Creative Capacities! This is the Creation Process from Consciousness, with the image broadcasting coming directly from the Universe and Soul Vision, that place expanded and inspiring images on the screen of your own Heart.

Author's Bio: 

Andriana received her formal training in the field of Psychology and holds two University Degrees in Psychotherapy and Counseling, which includes practical training in various modalities and Psychotherapeutic approaches used in modern Psychotherapy.

Her main life and professional activity has always been focused on Consciousness, Human Potential, Personal Development, Evolution, and how one's mind, and different levels of Consciousness manifest corresponding nature of reality.

Andriana has been studying Psychology and Psychotherapy from the age of 11 (since it was a natural extension of everything she already knew innately). She now does it professionally - for more than 10 years while working with groups and individuals all over the world.

She is also gifted in the area of Arts and has a talent for uniting concrete, linear, fragmented, and logical with expanded, creative, and seemingly illogical, a big picture where all connections exist and function at the same time.

She has integrated the results of her extensive studies into her current practice, which together with her Personal and Spiritual awareness evolves and expands on a continuous basis. It is her natural choice and a blessing to all her clients.