What is lack? Lack is you noticing that you don’t have what you want. It is the belief that you will be okay if and when you receive what you want. Lack is a focus on the absence of what you want. Affirming. praying, and visualizing are made less effective when we offer them from a place of lack. If we are affirming or praying to get something, and we are feeling a desperate need for this something, our energy is actually calling forth more lack.

The Universe is exact. Feelings of lack create lack. Feelings of abundance and gratitude create abundance and more to be thankful for. How much of what you get is determined by you? All of it. How much of what you get is determined by other people? None of it. How many of the people and situations that are part of your experience are attracted there by you? All of them. Who is undeniably the only creator of experience in your life? You are.

Each positive thought you send out is a seed. You may nurture it with love and appreciation and it will come to fruition. You may delay or deny fruition by your focus on lack. If you need physical proof to know that you are growing and succeeding you will push away your blessings. If your focus is on the absence of physical proof, and you suffer, worry, and cry out for your proof, your energy pushes away that which you desire.

Have you planted a garden? When you put the seeds in the ground, do they germinate and come to maturity immediately? Do you get upset when your carrots or your marigolds don’t come up in 24 hours? If you garden, you know that seeds take time to germinate. Germination requires nurturing and protecting. The gardener who patiently cares for the plants is rewarded with beautiful blooms or delicious vegetables. The patient care and nurturing is part of the process. It is as enjoyable as the result.

Plant your positive thought seeds. Speak your desires with feeling. Care for them with loving thoughts. Protect them by shifting your emotion away from negativity and toward positivity. Refuse to trample your new growth with doubts and fears. The same Law that allows the plant to grow to maturity also allows your seeds of desire to grow and bloom. Work with the Law. Don’t demand that your desire show itself in the physical. Offer your thoughts and your love toward your desire and allow it to grow. Enjoy the process!

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William Frank Diedrich is a speaker, executive coach, and the author of three books, including 30 Days to Prosperity: A Workbook for Well-being. 30 Days to Prosperity is available at http://intelligentspirit.com . For those who purchase the book, a free online class is available that supplements the workbook. To join this free class that over 700 people have taken, write to Bill at Bill@noblaming.com . The next class begins on June 7, 2010,