The reasons we are afraid are, in many ways, as unique as we are, and often need to be addressed individually. But let us explore the root of fear as it relates to healing.

Fear is what we experience at the threshold of the unknown. When I received the answer to one of my healing questions through a dream some years ago, I was shown that I had MS. It was fairly easy to do an on-line search to discover the physical deterioration that can occur with MS. So, one could ask that if I knew what could happen, what did I have to be afraid about? What I didn’t know was how I would react to the limits MS can impose. I didn’t know what it would feel like in my body. I didn’t know if I would experience pain. If it eventually, claimed my life, one could argue that it would be reasonable for me to be afraid of death—one of the great ventures into the unknown.

In my personal case, I never let the thought or feeling of fear enter because I immediately gave thanks for the information my dream had given me, so that I could get right to my healing. Whenever I thought I should be afraid, I began singing compassionately to myself for healing. Within months, the symptoms were gone, in part, because I never fed the fear. However, I do understand how and why I could have become afraid.

You can become fearful if you think you know what is coming, but don’t know how much you can handle. Let’s say you already experience pain, but you dread experiencing more. You don’t know how much you can take. Perhaps you have been out of pain for sometime, but the mere thought of it, scares you. You wonder how much pain you could manage if it came back again. When we are fearful, we are often reflecting on the past and/or projecting into the future. We are rarely being present to what is actually happening in the moment.

Another place in which you can become fearful in regard to healing is in deciding what treatment or solution to use, and what doctor or healer to choose in supporting you. It is easy to become frozen in your tracks just trying to figure out the best path for your healing. The sense of panic that arises can keep you from thinking clearly or accessing your intuitive wisdom. It’s the panic you must learn how to be with if you want to transcend the fear.

I recently listened to a woman describe what she has been doing to address her sense of panic. She began becoming present to the panic, compassionately holding her feeling of tremendous fear. As she continued to remain present in compassion, the fear began dissipating—slowly at first and then more rapidly—until the fear was gone.

That is precisely what I have learned to do with my fears. If I hold them in compassion and remain present to the moment, they just don’t have any way to be fed. Without being fed, fear transforms into love, peace and clarity. In fact, I now use this lovely Creation Meditation for holding any uncomfortable feelings. Just scroll down the page until you see the audio recording that is available to you. It is given freely.

May I suggest that you try this for yourself. When you are feeling frozen with fear, remind yourself to open your heart. Be present in compassion with the fear until it begins to soften. Stay with this compassion until the fear dissolves into love. Repeat as often as necessary until your healing journey is one based in love and fear is a response from your past.

Author's Bio: 

Misa Hopkins is the author of the best-selling book, “The Root of All Healing: 7 Steps to Healing Anything”, which has been named the first-aid handbook for the new 21st Century consciousness. She is also Spiritual Director and founder of New Dream Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to global spiritual family and honoring the sacred feminine. With over 30 years of teaching and training experience, including teaching hundreds of healers, and now as a spiritual counselor, Hopkins is an astute observer of human motivation and potential. Her observations about the healing progress of her clients, students and friends, and her own miraculous healings led her to ground-breaking conclusions about why people remain ill, even when they are trying to become well. Hopkins recognized that illness may actually meet unconscious needs you aren’t even aware exist. In her book, workshops and articles, she provides insights about how to break through the limits of illness to experience the freedom and joy of wellness.