Fuel? Anxiety? What do these two words have in common?

The first one gives you the power to drive a car or to live fully.
The second one sucks the power and makes life more difficult.

Fuel in this context is oxygen, it's your breath. It's how much oxygen you take in while breathing.
As most of us breathe superficially, the intake of oxygen is not as good as it could be. This means that we should learn to breathe properly. And to breathe properly, means breathing slowly, gently and deeply. This can be learned. It takes some time, but the results are fantastic. The actual intake of oxygen most people have, is about 60 % of the lungs' capacity. If you just consider on how much oxygen you miss out, although your lungs could contain much more, you will admit that it's just incredible. It shows you how little consideration is given to our body in general. We take it for granted that it works. People get used to taking in little oxygen and get used to the way the body functions. They don't know that, if the intake of oxygen is higher, their body can function better. It's not only the body that benefits from slow, gentle, deep breathing. It is also your mind and your spirit. Oxygen fuels the whole being of a person.

Better breathing brings you all sorts of benefits: you get smarter because thinking becomes easier. You get calmer because your body is not so contracted. You get stronger because all tissues and muscles get more oxygen. Every single cell gets more life. Actually, there is a better nutrition for whatever a person is made of.
You will no longer be stressed. You may know that stress is the leading cause of illness.
You anxiety is no longer all-present. It will attack you less often. You are calmer, you are happier. A happy person does not suffer anxiety attacks.
You see that your most essential and basic activity in life has so many implications. Not only does it allow you to live a physical life, but if done properly, your life improves in every single one of its aspects. Your fuel is your life. The more fuel you put into your lungs, the more fully you will live..
Little fuel means stress, means unhealthy living. can mean anxiety.
Complete fuel means health, means no stress, no anxiety.
This is the relation between fuel and anxiety, two words that are strongly related if taken in this sense.
Just think of how you can improve your intake of fuel, in other words of oxygen, in order to lower and finally overcome anxiety: Slow, gentle, deep breathing approaches your goal. If done regularly, every single day, for at least 15 minutes, you will reach your goal and maintain your over all health. and well being.

Author's Bio: 

I am a Swiss lady, living in Switzerland where I am a professional translator and a coach. I work with EFT, Emotrance, SpringForestQiGong, QuickRemap, Agegate-therapy.
My aim is to help people overcome their anxiety and panic attacks.