When we stand resolutely in support of others, we give optimism, passion and purpose to our own path to abundance

Every day, in so many parts of this wonderful world in which we live, there are people who embrace their purpose. They are living fulfilling lives through doing what makes them happy; enriching and empowering others to be exceptional. Perhaps you’re one of those wonderful people – more power to you. It means you’ve embraced your purpose and are selflessly sharing your Conscience-based leadership skills with others.
However, on the other side of the coin - it is easy to get lost. Too often we embark on the incredible journey of life, but somewhere along the way we forget our purpose and lose our passion. We can become miserable, rudderless, angry and frustrated.
Are you someone who has embraced your purpose? Are you passionate about your life? Do you love what you do and are you doing what you love? Instead, you’re perhaps struggling without seeing the light and direction in your business and personal lives.
Each of us is born with a purpose, though it can take a lifetime to realise and sadly, never embraced by some people, who pass out the other end without understanding and embracing the power and passion in their lives. They remain unfulfilled though too often, are also unaware of what could have been possible had they only realised the power they had inside to achieve.
Our purpose is the altruistic objective in our lives – the driving force - which gets us out of bed of a morning. It’s the all-encompassing philanthropic goal/s towards which we strive with enthusiasm and optimism, which we undertake with passion.
There are countless entrepreneurs, celebrities, artists and community leaders who use their money and influence to support many charitable organisations. You might not fall into one of these categories but you still have an opportunity to contribute to humanity in a fundamental way.
It’s not always about the money (look at Mother Teresa who though penniless, managed to use her influence to help millions of underprivileged people in India). We all have unique skills and abilities which can help us achieve some extraordinary goals.
When you discover your purpose, the pursuit can become all-consuming. The overwhelming feelings of accomplishment you receive, make the effort worthwhile.
To fully embrace your purpose, you must fuel it with passion: together they make a perfect union – there’s a real and unique synergy between the two. They’re inextricably linked.
Your purpose can be fueled by one of a number of positive things:-
1. Write a book to entertain or enlighten;
2. Volunteer at a soup kitchen to feed the homeless and disenfranchised;
3. Work for a charitable organisation or community group;
4. Organize a sporting/social event to raise funds;
5. Help others within the community who might be struggling;
6. Give a helping hand to a neighbor;
7. Have time to talk to a homeless person;
8. Give up your seat on the bus or train to someone;
9. Work to the best of your ability and a positive, Conscience-based Leader.

The list is virtually endless when you understand the direction in which you want to go. Embrace your purpose. Know the reasons why you want to create an abundant and powerful future. Fuel it will passion and drive. Prepare your plan; set your goals – short, medium and long term; ensure you have a positive and upbeat attitude and begin the journey today.
It won’t always be an easy path to follow but it can be life-changing when you’re truly passionate. It becomes much more enjoyable. It’s important to always believe in yourself. Be certain of the difference you can make in the lives of others with your purpose.
Embrace the road ahead and realise that with a great passion, attitude and optimism you can impact positively on the lives of others. As a Conscience-based Leader you can become an extraordinary force for good in the global community.
Imagine the possibilities .....

Author's Bio: 

Kieran Revell is a Conscience-based (Ethical) Leadership Consultant and Speaker: A Coach, Mentor and Author.

Kieran empowers large organizations, small/medium enterprises (SMEs), non-profits and individuals through his unique programs and initiatives. They are designed to improve workplace harmony, elevate confidence, re-ignite enthusiasm, empowering individuals to be the very best they can.

The results can have an extraordinary, life-changing, snowball effect across the family unit and the wider global community.