Spring arrived late this year; which for me makes it even more delicious!

In Fort Tryon Park with the Hudson River and clear blue sky as backdrop stands an imposing pink flowering dogwood tree. Or, as I call it, a big beautiful pink tree that I worship on my daily morning walks.

It makes me so happy to see it, smell it and stand under it. Sometimes a gentle breeze will cause a stirring of pale pink blossoms to fall on my upturned face. Feeling their aromatic softness is truly heaven’s touch.

As of this week, there are many glorious buds, bushes and blooms all lined up shouting colorful greetings to passers by. All decked out in there finery just for the glory of it every day; not waiting for any special occasions.

Several years ago I attempted to become more formally acquainted with all of them. I tried to memorize whether they were annuals or perennials and what their Latin names were. But I started to feel less close; they became less mysterious and magical.

I guess I like thinking of my own special categories for them; purple velvet flower, I know it’s an Iris but I like purple velvet flower better. It feels more intimate to me, appreciating its essence. Plus it’s definitely more descriptive, don’t you think? And I’m in good company; Shakespeare knew that “A rose by any other name……. ‘

The big beautiful pink tree inspires me and makes me giggle with delight and I am grateful to it. I wait for it every year and I am never disappointed.

The pink tree, the trees and flowers encourage us to have fun and be our true selves and invite us to not hide behind outmoded definitions of who we used to be and to feel gloriously renewed.

I myself aspire to be a purple velvet flower or better still, a big beautiful pink tree. Enjoy!

Author's Bio: 

Mary Fitzpatrick, LCSW, CHT is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Astrologer, Writer and Public Speaker. Mary is an expert Relationship Coach, Money Mentor and Psychological Astrologer

Mary brings 35 years of skill, wisdom, compassion and humor to all her work and is the founder and CEO of Limitless Horizons, www.limitlesshorizons.org, a company dedicated, since 1994, to helping people live authentic, fulfilling and prosperous lives.