If you’ve been researching Ibogaine treatment you’re probably familiar with the term, “flood dose.” Every Ibogaine treatment clinic in the world will tell you they offer a flood dose, some even go so far as to say they offer multiple flood doses separated by a few days, and all of these clinics have a different definition of what a flood dose is. You might hear things like, “it’s the dose that floods the brain” or, “it’s the dose that saturates the body fully,” or other vague non-medical terminology. This is a red flag for several reasons that this article will touch on.
“Flood dose” is NOT a medical term. The standardized dosing protocol of any medication being researched is calculated in milligrams per kilogram of body weight. So, when a clinic says they offer a flood dose, what does it mean? In practice, a flood dose is the highest dose that can be administered safely to a specific individual given the environment the ibogaine is administered.
What that means is a flood dose varies depending on where you do ibogaine, the training of the medical professionals observing the treatment, and the safety protocol in place. If you pay $3,000 - $6,500 for a spa-licensed ibogaine center that administers ibogaine in an Airbnb you may receive a “flood dose” that will give you powerful visions but will not effectively treat addiction. The flood does spa-licensed centered can work short-term, at least decreasing the severity of withdrawals and cravings, however, after 1-3 weeks intense cravings come back.
The best Ibogaine treatment centers are medically licensed, use a full-service hospital, and have American Cardiac Association (ACA) trained physicians observing the treatment. When done in this setting you can receive what is called a “Medical Flood Dose.”
On average, a medical flood dose is 30-40% larger than the “full flood dose” offered at spa-licensed ibogaine treatment centers that charge between $3,000-$6,500. Once you are given a medical flood dose, you cannot take additional doses of ibogaine for 3 weeks as your liver needs time to process the ibogaine,s and doing so could cause serious liver problems.
Some important red flags to attend to when research ibogaine treatment facilities:
If a treatment center is offering multiple “flood” doses, they are likely dividing a medical flood dose into 2-3 parts across multiple days. While this does make treatment safer for clinics that do not have properly trained medical staff, there is no scientific evidence that this type of dosing procedure is effective at treating addiction.
If a treatment center is offering a medical flood dose without being medically licensed, and without using a full-service hospital and ACA trained physicians to supervise treatment, they are putting your life at risk! Thankfully, most spa licensed ibogaine treatment facilities do give a lower, less effective, but safer dose!

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I am Usman Afzal and I am doing work on Ibogaine treatment since last year. It is an addiction treatment with Ibogaine.