As the end of the calendar year comes to a close being present in the moment shows up to be very important.

Imagine as a whole that we are walking through the door into a new world and we can open into a new level of conscious creating. This is indicated to come from a deeper love of self. Try just for today treating yourself as You would an honored individual in your life. Notice what comes up for You around that. Let go of anything that would prevent You from doing that for yourself everyday.

By just opening up and accepting that the powers of the universe are here to support You, miracles can happen. Can You let go of any of your story that holds You back from fully expressing the story of your desired future. Use the stories of the past in a way of depth and healing. Find understanding and knowledge from these past stories to serve yourself and your family or loved ones around You. Do it quick, accept the gifts and bring your focus back to the expression stories of creation and creating in the now.
If You are noticing yourself stuck in the memories and stories of the past do what ever You can to release yourself! The most obvious way to do this is to just quit thinking about what is done. Sometimes easier said than done.

Another technique Christy and I share is to replace what You are doing (non-serving thought or action) with something that serves. Every time You notice yourself thinking something unsupportive bring your attention immediately to your breathing. Count each inhale and exhale until the thoughts have passed and You can continue on with your day. Yes, simple and effective.

The only thing is depending on how disciplined you’ve been up to this point You may end up bringing your attention back to your breathing more times in a day than You can count. The bonus is that by doing this only once You change the energy and what You bring into your life next!

If the economy does actually fall over this next year like has been rumored then our notice is best served by focusing on the opportunities that will come of that. Some things are in our control and some things are group consciousness outcome. Not just influenced by our personal choices. How You experience things though is completely in your control!

What would You do if one of the systems You rely on did change dramatically? Not a whole lot of time on this, just a quick awareness and then on with what You would like to offer the world and what You would like to receive from the world. Even when a day seems dark You can still access the light and create.

Taking time to recognize the victories that You have had this year is going to bring in any changes You are looking for more quickly.

All things are connected and the thoughts and actions You do and have today affect all the days ahead. While all of this noticing is happening paths open to us and there is a request to stay present with what You are doing so You can see the markers along the way. Trust that You have all You need to move forward on your path in every moment. Just as the sun is always present even when there are clouds, so is spirit present even when we feel the emotions that would keep us from recognizing this.

Action: The pause between the in breath and the out breath is when spirit and the realm of possibility can be fully recognized. It is also how really good humor works, the pauses placed just right. See where You can place your pauses (rest, relaxation, breaks, and meditation) in your day to allow spirit and joy to be more present in your life.

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

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