We are reminded that Spirit is in all things and works through You, so every thing You touch, think or put focus to will be affected by You. Watch what your intentions are very closely during this period. The funny thing is that if You want your vibration to increase You have to slow down.
We’ve moved into a time for lots of group learning and understanding the effects of our actions comes to the forefront once again. There will be an increase in energetic recognition of friends and next dimension connections, they will probably not be who You might choose from a physical plane level.
The energy of being shaken up will serve over the next months in bringing your awareness to how easily You can let go of what no longer serves You and how positively You can be affected by this.
It seems we are being called to step it up spiritually. This new level of responsibility allows You the freedom of doing it the way that serves You even if it is not how society might want You to do things. Take a deep breath and do what You can from where You are. It is indicated that there will be strength soon to do it as differently as You wish as the shifts continue. Over the next months we get to recognize and focus on the value buried within the systems that we no longer feel serve as a whole. It is up to us ultimately to stay focused on the gems that have come from the earth and will return to the earth. There is always new levels of organization that comes form chaos and when it seems like You are not able to do something in the moment take time to just smell the roses and see the beauty that is always present.
It will serve to keep your awareness on the spiritual beauty of creation even if it is not yet visible. There is so much potential being activated and strength building now. Through out the year there will be connections made that will serve on a deeper level for years to come.
Our higher selves have valuable insight and information to support You to get through anything that comes up for You. This can come from the people around You, things that seem to come to awareness in a little stronger way than usual, in dreams and any other way that seems to resonate. Trust your self to know what each message means to You and how they relate to the life You are living. As the shifts continue it is going to be easier to navigate if You are willing to trust your ability to “hear, see and know” what is being shared with You from spirit.
A time of imagining what You would like it to look like in the future will allow You to create and manifest the solid foundations that will support You in the times to come. In all of this remember that the balance of all things, the law of equilibrium, in the moment, each week, each year, over a lifetime and more is something that happens anyway and happens easier if we are conscious about it.
Are You ready to fully accept You powerful, beautiful self the integrated one that moves about with the grace of spirit?
Action: Notice with appreciation the gems in your self and remember that these stay with You no matter what type of shake ups might happen around You in this world. It is time to landmark how You feel in your body when You know You are centered and find the ways to come back to this place whenever You notice that You are not.
In Heart Centered Awareness,
Christy and Judy Lynn

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Energy of transformation in the air, so it is time to wake up and live what your heart is called to live and express.
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