Have You been hearing stories about the future and the year 2012. Are You feeling fear around these stories or any part of your future? Now is a great time to create a plan and fulfill the details of that plan.

Somewhat like an insurance policy. So that You can put the plan to action and then away and focus on creating the story that best serves You instead of adding energy to any fear.

There is so much available right now, like we could puck things right out of the air easily with just being in alignment with ourselves and what we really would like to be manifest in our lives.

Since spirit is in all things it is better than okay to want everything You desire.

Inquire into your beliefs about how things work so that You can tap into what is possible. What You believe creates the environment around You. Synchronistic events will come from an integrated mind heart functioning.

As You do what it takes to bring yourself to a place of serenity and peace about the future, notice the others around You that You can share your story with. The more You share the stories of hope and beauty with others the more powerful the story becomes and You are then using the strength of community.

There will be enough individuals looking for the answers from with in that the tipping point is not far off. When enough of us bring our awareness to the information we have access to from the places of the unseen then the confidence in and the value of this way of understanding will increase exponentially.

New levels of awareness over the past months are bringing in a new balance between body and spirit. The celebration of creation can come from the awareness of the unlimited possibility that comes from knowing You are a spiritual being.

There is much confusion and limitation when You see yourself as only a human and the mind can be a crazy making place if You do not find a way to allow spirit to be part of your life as well.

You are not limited to just your thoughts. You were born a master and the memory of that is starting to flood in during this transitional time.

Bring your awareness to how good it feels to keep everything going each day. Look around You and notice how much You do in a day and keep doing what is in front of You You will notice the mastery that You have already attained.

Much like an orchestra with all the parts creating an amazing whole. This feels much better than focusing on everything You have not done or feel You have to do.

There are many people happy with the way things have always been done and You may not be one of them. The realm of possibility is always available to You and the ideas You are having now are beneficial and needed now.

Go with the beginnings and inspirations You are having and allow the ideas You have to be shared. Take one step at a time and also allow yourself to take a minute and look at what You have already attained in your life.

When You are really busy in your thinking mind and all the ways of thoughts, then sometimes You end up too busy to notice the opportunities easily available to You.

It is a time for connecting with friends and loved ones and creating things together. Taking it to a new level of trust in working together and creating together. Remember there is always enough and competition is not necessary in order for there to be more than enough for You.

Do You recognize that You are more than just human? That really the recognition of being a spiritual being using a human vehicle to experience life is where we are at.

Have You taken time to understand that being grounded in spirit is how life flows and brings You the magic. With grace and love we can fulfill our dreams and bring our desires into the physical reality.

Can You know that You will always have time to offer the best of yourself if You do not start today?

At all different times in our lives the ration of mind and heart use has shifted. This new vibration asks us to use more heart energy than we have been, so the ratio is shifting yet again. Maintain the value in using the mind and at the same time add a little more heart centeredness to the recipe and the outcome is sweeter than ever.

Emotionally- By being discipled about your thoughts You will notice how directly related your emotions are to what You think. Just being present to an emotion can allow You to follow it back to the thoughts that started the feelings. Gives You choices about how You would like to respond to life.

Mentally- Really focus on paying attention to details. Especially the details that bring You to your sense of peace and joy.

Physically-Can You sit with yourself and notice spirit in around You. Soften and allow all the sensations, sounds, visuals, sounds and knowings to just enter your consciousness.

Spiritually- Listen to and follow along to the tree meditation and use it to get grounded in spirit.

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

Author's Bio: 

Christy and Judy Lynn are the co-founders of Psychic Potentials. http://www.psychicpotentials.com

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